Name SAMANWITH BAKKI Degree sought MS in Environmental science

Name SAMANWITH BAKKI Degree sought MS in Environmental science. Term Fall 2019. I am Samanwith and I am really interested in joining this university to continue my passion in studyingEnvironmental studies. I completed my bachelor in Agriculture but I am really interested in pursuing this course as my future option. Even as a kid I was deeply connected with nature and its way of caring for its elements both living andnon-living. I was fascinated by the beauty and functions of nature. Providing shelter for human and animals in its lap, providing the required nutrition and endless such gifts it keeps providing to us. However, the serious issue threatening all of us seems to be the imbalance between the nature and its elements. Global warming, Floods, Soil erosion and famines seem to have hit animals and humans real hard. The prime reason for such consequences is also one of natures element HUMANS. I myself being an important part of nature feel responsible for what is happening to the nature and to its elements. Though I did four years bachelors in Agriculture program at Vasantrao Naik Agriculture University and I have gone through many Agro industrial training but during industrial training, I observed that the industries emitted a lot of waste products however this observation is not limited to only Agro industry but also to other industries. I knew my calling was in environment studies. Agriculture could not be of greater or more fundamental importance to our mission the alleviation ofsuffering and thefostering ofsustainable development in food science and production. My special concern is sustainable food supply in the Developing World, where people and bio systems are the most vulnerable. As I was growing I knew it is more importantme to tend to nature. I did a small study and discovered that more then 50 of the major ailments facedby humans today are due to pollution. So I came to a conclusion that I have a passion for protecting the environment and living organisms of a habitat from being polluted. Agriculture has provided me with a path to understand the cause of distress and disease in plants. Interestingly, nature itself provides cure for the diseases. Therefore, I found linking myself to studies related to environment which in due course pulled me towards my goal of watching the earth becoming a more habitable place not just for the current generation but also for future generations. Finally, Istrongly feelLethbridge University would bring me closer to my cherished goal. I am keen in taking up my masters in Environmental Studies here which I see as a positive advancementfor myself. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to express myself. Y, yu),[email protected]
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