My name is Joan

My name is Joan, I was born and raised in Nigeria, and moved to Maryland about 3 years ago. I graduated from Madonna Univesity in 2006 were I obtained a degree in Business Administration. I would consider myself a quiet person until I feel comfortable enough in a group to open up. I’m very excited for this new chapter of my life and to get things going, I’m sure the future has a lot in store for me and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

I have to two part-time jobs currently but know I can do and offer more to different organisation and humanity.

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My Job at M;T bank is quite interesting my job description specializes in our branch customer experience through lobby management, transactions and basic retail servicing interactions. (e.g. customer service enrollment, address changes, problem resolution). Accurately processes a variety of financial transactions (e.g. deposits, withdrawals) in an accurate and efficient manner.

My Job at Home Depot is quite the opposite because no two customers needs are the same and no two employees personality is the same.
At the home depot, I wear multiple hats Bookkeeping, A Head cashier as well as a cashier.
The amazing diversity I’ve experienced in my life has shaped me in other ways as well as my previous job in Nigeria as a loan monitor.

Where would you like your career to be in five years

I see myself living my best version of me. I want to be satisfied with my decisions, I have seen and learnt a different version of me since i relocated in the past 3 years a lot has come alive in me.

Career-wise i see myself a Senior management and very relevant tool in any organisation.
And above all living the principle and Winning principle already learning from Jack Welch I see the decision of getting my MBA as the missing piece to my life and career puzzle.

How can you apply Jack’s Leadership Principles to achieve your career goals? Include at least two principles that you find especially relevant, and explain why

The Jack’s Leadership principles have already started moulding my thinking tank I would discuss on Candor and Differentiate

I have worked with a lot of supervisors and as i said i am from Nigeria and also had all my educational training in Nigeria. The culture does allow you to respond back when an elder speaks to you be it right or wrong you are considered disrespectful and rude.
In my early days of my career being a fresh graduate and a female, i have had colleagues who won’t respond to task i allocate to them only because i was a female.
As a young lady, not this rider me a lot but i always had practised CANDOR which is the Latin meaning for CANDID I am blunt to say it as it is.

As Jack clearly states that the biggest dirty secret to very business success is to be candid. The only way to foster such idea-sharing is to develop a culture of Candor, where people aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Reward them for their Candor, even if it makes themselves and others – yes, you – look bad.
I have seen a lot of people get that Job or promotion because managers are scared to speak or to scared to get the right people the Job because of being challenged.


I'm Mila

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