My intention to apply for the master programmes at UCL

My intention to apply for the master programmes at UCL, Sheffield, reading comes from my studies on urban development, social science, housing policies and urban management
Which fits in my professional and academic background as:
I graduated in May 2015 from the faculty of urban and regional planning at the Cairo University. Since then I have been working as an urban planner, participated in a variety range of projects related to urban development planning and its impacts on social life with a multidisciplinary background in environmental science and urban management
My passion to study environment and sustainable development, As the decrepitude occurring to our communities puts on us: architects and urban planners, the responsibility for making our communities more sustainable, improving the livelihood, contribute to eliminate poverty, preserving indigenous people, protecting visual image of the city and elimination of, unhuman settlements, and lessening climate change impacts
All these tumultuous changes affirmed my belief that we are in a pressing need of sustainable development than ever
Generally, As the common subjects in three universities, besides their discerning rank, employability, and conformity, are environment and sustainable development, as still climate change and development of the cities the turning point to make up my choices, as they all focus on climate challenges in developing world

Specifically, A key factor sparked off my attention about UCL Bartlett school, intensive research, studies regarding developing countries at the second best world-wide architecture school, besides its founder, who gained his PHD and stayed over 8 years in Egypt These challenges led me to read most of Otto Koenigsberger’s works (founder), with following his traces encouraged me to apply for it.
His passion for Egyptology triggered my interest; it was as if I had met him before
Moreover, having studying UCL online course delivered by Dr.Andrea Rigon on” Development and Planning in African Cities “which led me to explore development challenges in Africa besides urban risks and adaption.

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As one of main modules at UCL “Adapting Cities to Climate Change in the Global South”, Which provides a theoretical and practical understanding of socio-environmental change to promote environmental justice, as well Urban Environmental Planning course, as its practical side to engage with the challenges of supporting environmentally just urbanisation and addressing major inequalities in the distribution of environmental burdens and bene?ts, against the backdrop of a changing climate, resource scarcity, and ecosystem degradation

I believe studying at UCL is a great opportunity to gain deeper practical and theoretical knowledge in order to contribute effectively to lead better change in the Global South; and potentially, Since my aim to work in an international field related to development and consulting, I would like to gain a deeper theoretical knowledge in sustainability and practical skills from that experience, I identified the importance of international cooperation as a tool to contribute to the development of the country