My first curiosity about the culinary field was in August of 2016 when I had to cater for an indoor event at home

My first curiosity about the culinary field was in August of 2016 when I had to cater for an indoor event at home. After much recipe research, I had to recreate certain meals which were to be served to close family members. It turned out to be close to disaster. After that I developed a burning desire and passion to learn more about the kitchen; cooking, the science of flavors, knife skills, plating skills and pastry making. My family has always supported my efforts, but unfortunately they cannot afford my culinary fees. That is why I am taking the initiative of applying for a scholarship.
Growing up, I would watch my mum in the kitchen, and help in any way I could even if it was to taste the meal for spice or just sprinkling salt and maggi under her supervision. I enjoyed the process of cooking right from childhood. Cooking has always been what I loved to learn because I believe food is art. Food can be a way of expressing oneself. Food brings people of different cultures together and knowing I am able to do this would bring so much satisfaction to me.
My favorite foods to cook till this day is desserts, but anything I could get my hands on to cook, I surely would with no questioned asked .In my free time, I go online researching easy recipes and watching you tube videos for better knowledge and practice. I have attended a few online classes with some famous Nigerian chefs and also had the opportunity to get into free 3 day continental course at Red Dish Chronicles in November 2017. I also enrolled in a baking school part time. During my NYSC days, i was involved in the culinary skills acquisition program where we learnt to make the everyday Nigerian street foods and some cocktails. I am also actively involved in a charity organization where I cook and donate when I can.
For me, food can instantly change the mood you are in once you sit down at the kitchen or restaurant table, on the couch, or even the floor. I love to cook. I love to feed people. I am truly happy when those eating really like the food I prepared. Food preparation is my form of artistry, an opportunity to get creative. I have no drawing, painting, or musical talent so I intend to express myself through cooking. I have a clear vision of my culinary career goals and I look forward to being a full time student at the Umami Centre for Culinary Arts Lagos.
Winning the scholarship at the Umami Center of Culinary Arts (UCCA) Lagos, would mean the world to me. It would help kick start my culinary career to make a difference in the ever changing, and challenging, world of cooking. I am disciplined, eager to learn and have an unimaginable passion for cooking and would gain the classroom and practical knowledge of the kitchen which would assist in my journey. I intend to incorporate this experience into my life as this Culinary Arts program will allow me to express myself creatively and professionally, assist in my journey of becoming a professional chef and entrepreneur. This program offers practical education that I can immediately apply to any workplace I find myself in the near future.