My family life

My family life: Our trials and tribulations
Tavis Smiley once said “Having to try and going through the trials and tribulations to actually overcome, to get there to win, to triumph, that’s what makes life interesting”. The trials we face make us stronger and let us view our lives through optimistic eyes, even in times of heartache. There are many trials that my family have gone through far and all of them have made me to be a better person in my life.

One of the trials that I will never forget is when my father was suffered from major hemorrhagic stroke which resulted in serious brain swelling. When I first heard the news I felt the darkest period in my twenty-six years of life would begin from this moment. My dad was hospitalized for a month when we decided to bring him home. Not only did this affect my dad personally, but it affects everyone that is close to him including family, friends and neighbors. I believe this trial that my dad is going through made him a stronger person.

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A couple of years back, we had another trial when my little brother, Haziq was diagnosed with learning disabilities. The 13th June 2002 is a very special date for my parents, it is the day my little brother was born. He seemed perfect from the start with always be very curious and energetic child. Years passed and my parents watched him grew into a boy with odd behavior. After months of appointments with doctor, my brother was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Order (ADHD). Sometimes, there are times when my parents are dealing with stressful situations with him but my mom said that we shouldn’t be ashamed of my brother but to embrace the gifts and energy that came along with ADHD.

In a nutshell, trials and tribulations are a part of everyday life. But no matter what type of trial it is, if we try to overcome it we will be much stronger and positive people. Let’s look every challenge in a positive way as the saying goes “Every cloud has a silver lining”.