Mr. Chaves took a majority stake in four giant oil projects in 2007 , prompting Exxon Mobil and Conoco Phillips to leave the country also seized a major gas injection project run by Williams Companies of Tulsa and seized 11 rigs from Helmerich and Payne, another major service company based in Oklahoma several international services companies are leaving Venezuela because the country despite of a lack of payment from the PDVS company. The life under Mr. Chavez’s successor, Mr. Maduro who a lot people believe that his real nationality is from Colombia and he has being doing a bad job as the President of Venezuela because everything is worse since he is in office. People think that Venezuela might head towards a dictatorship like Cuba, because citizens are not allowed to express their own opinion. Even just thinking differently and not agreeing with the ideology of the president can make you go to prison or be killed. There is a huge insecurity in the country and people are losing hope for a possible better future.
As the consequence of the bad government administration and bad decision making Venezuela drastically became an economic turmoil. What was once one of Latin America’s most powerful economies is now a shell of its former self, with hyperinflation forecast to reach 1600% this year. Years of mismanagement and over-reliance on oil exports mean that Venezuelans must now carry hundreds of bank notes just to buy basic goods. The country is so poor that the United States Dollar is equal to 237,000 Venezuelan dollars. The economy is really bad right now, where electricity is not guaranteed, unemployment is set to surpass 25%, there is a shortage of food, health care and other essentials that affect the quality of life. People are getting tired of the situation and are leaving the country to immigrate into other countries like the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Spain and Colombia what I believe is the best thing to do because people in Venezuela are just trying to survive that crisis.
This situation is making everyone fight and even steal for a little amount of food or essentials that are available. People are basically just trying to survive. There is a big desperation, not enough medicine and food for a lot of families. People do not have any opportunity to improve their life and visualize a better future. The best option they have is to go somewhere where they will have an opportunity to work, feel safety and have a comfortable life without worrying about all these things that are happening in Venezuela.
Another effect if the bad economy is that the companies that used to operate in Venezuela are not making enough money and have to leave the country. Like Luis Giusti, a former chief executive of Petroleos de Venezuela, or PDVSA said, “Nowadays , there is no country in Latin America more difficult for a company to operate in”. Companies like Coca-Cola and even airlines like Lufthansa and other big airlines are leaving Venezuela because of the situation. Coca Cola used to be one of the most successful companies in Latin America, but due to the scarcity of sugar that once was the primary producer, Venezuela suspended the production last summer. I believe that there will be a point where is just going to be a few and restricted flights and that is why people should take the opportunity to leave the country while they can. Other companies that left Venezuela or slowed its production down massively include Bridgestone, Clorox, Ford Motor, General Mills, Kimberly Clark and Procter & Gamble.
There is people, who do not think it is a good idea to leave the country. They believe that things will change soon and that people should stay and fight for their country. Additionally, the do not want to get out of their comfort zone by leaving their country. They are afraid that they are not going to fit in because of their language and culture. I respect their opinion, but how many more people have to die in protest to really make a change? Also, the president has been in office for too long and the whole presidential system is corrupt.
They have all power and citizens cannot really do anything about it. I believe there could be a change, if a country like the United States would help Venezuela to get out of the corruptive system and rebuild to where we were before. Since, the change is going to take a long time, right now my recommendations for Venezuelan people is to leave the country and have a more successful life somewhere else.
Venezuela is a very beautiful country but in the last couple of years living there has become harder due to the bad economic situation and the administration of the government. There are different opinions of if people should leave the country or not. I personally think the best way to have a more successful live at the moment is to leave the country and immigrate somewhere else. There might be a change in the future, but I cannot see it right now.