Memories can last minutes

Memories can last minutes, hours, months or years but sometimes we forget. Some memories we keep and some we just want to be gone forever. We tend to subdue bad memories and remember good ones or memories that impact us in our lives. I believe that in our everyday lives things we do that left us a footprint of memories brings out the wonderful of life itself, and this could be just something as simple as a little stroll down the park in the middle of a snowy winter, or it could be a wonderful places that a person visit and that amazing event will never be forgotten.
In the summer of 2016, my love and I we both just recently got released from a long school year, excited and full of curiosity and want to do as much things as possible together and want to travel around the state and explore the beauty of wilderness Alaska, so Sarah and I decided to go on a road trip to Seward city and we want to experience Exit Glacier and we love to hike, so this trip will be one of a remarkable trip I do say to myself. Seward city is two hours away from Anchorage city, we plan to visit the city and take many photos for our memory book that have all the things and places we do together. A fresh gulp of clean air in the morning, all packed up and ready for the weekend to be free from the polluted populated modern society, and enjoy mother nature wonder this cold remote place. The Drives to Seward was to me an unforgettable moment of my life, because there’s nothing better then get to spend time with your significant other and go on a road trip to have good time together, a beauty of both the background and the fun time with my partner talking about silly things and crack full of laughters. Finally made it to Seward city where the first things i see was the place is filled with yachts and huge fishing boats, tourist from all over the world come here for the summer to enjoy the fresh clean air and the astonishing natural beauty of Alaska. We decided to stop by for brief by the shore and takes some photos, its was just magnificent seeing your love one smile and happy, and that impacted me forever of how important it is to build an unforgettable moments of your life to enhance the remarkable life, then after spend like an hour or so strolling down by the sidewalk by the shore of the city, got back to the car and drove to the hotel and ready for check-in that we already book two weeks prior the trip that I preplanned.
Saturday morning arise a new wonderful day, sunny out high about 70 degrees perfect for a hike, we start to get ready all the essentials items for a good hike, Sarah and I start heading to the Exit Glacier national park and we begin at the Exit Glacier Nature Center at Kenai Fjords National Park and the parking lot, Exit Glacier is the only part of the Park accessible by road. It is a place where you can get a close-up of glaciers landscape, we start the hike early in the morning and the hike is about 3/4 of a mile to walk all the to the foot of the glacier, and to me it was an easy trail that climbs along the side of Exit Glacier, that overlooking Harding Ice Field at the top. In addition, there also a variety of beautiful natural features such as; waterfalls, wildlife and of course the magnificent glacier, my girlfriend and I we took many photos during the hikes You can either stop and turnaround, or continue up the Harding Icefield, which we wanted to turnaround and go back to the hotel to rest and to dial down and relax. When we heading back to the hotel the day seem to be almost over, it was amazing and at the same time exhausted. I highly recommend if that everyone should at least visit this site once in their lifetime to feast their eyes for what Mother Earth has given to us the beauty of natural, and it doesn’t require extensive cost to able to go there.
After the Exit Glacier weekend getaway, makes me realized how glad that I decided to go to the site and witness something the remarkable place exist, and most importantly it that the bond and memoir that you and your loves one build while you on the trip, I enjoy to have my significant other to accompany me that wonderful trip we did back in 2016, and I am thankful to the importances of building a unforgettable moment in your life, you only live once, so live to the fullest and give everything loves and care for.