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Mary Nguyen
Student ID: 1641926
Anthropology Essay:
My Workplace, H&M
Work presented to
Matthieu SossoyanThe Human Experience: An Introduction to Anthropology
381-100-VA Section 00002
Vanier College
Thursday April 19th, 2018
Out of all the groups we belong to, all of them are eligible to be chosen for an anthropological study. In fact, I chose to do my own anthropological study on my workplace group: H&M at Carrefour Laval. I chose to study my work group because it is almost my second home. I spend so much time there when I am not a school or at home. I have found many friendships and have learned many life lessons there. I feel like this group is perfect for me to analyze through an anthropologic perspective which entails in analyzing my life and the culture this groups demonstrates.
Firstly, values are fundamental to culture.