M1 Develop health and safety and risk management policies

M1 Develop health and safety and risk management policies, procedures and practices in health and social care.
The health and safety at work act 1974 is the main piece of legislation of health and safety in Great Britain. It provides the legal frame work to promote and encourage high standards in the work place when the act was first introduced in 1974 it provided a integrated system to deal with work place health and safty.so the public was protected for work place activites.by putting duties on employees ,employers ,the self-employed, manufactures ,designers and importers of work place equipment and materials .the protection of the law ,rights and responsibilities are given to every employee .an employer has a general duty to as far as reasonably practicable and possible safe guard the health and safety and welfare of employees by ensuring that equipment is safe to use the safe use of all equipment and to ensure all employees are up to date and trained in handling all equipment and substances they use at work
When there is more than five employees the employer has to have a health and safety police and procedure in place to protect individuals from harm in the work place. This has to be available for all employees to read.
The acts and regulations that come under the same legislative framework are: The management of health and safety regulations 1999 (amended 2003),(reporting of injuries ,diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations) RIDDOR 2013,COSSH 1994( amended 2002),manual handling operations 1992,food safety act 1990 and food regulations 2006,fire safety order 2005.
Analyse how policies, procedures and practices in health and social care meet health, safety and risk management.
In my work place we have clearly written policies and procedures in place that are stored in the manager’s office and accessible to all employees these are updated as and when required .the two folders contain information of all employees in relation to health and safety practice with in the work place and also risk assessment and management procedures. The policies and procedures meet requirements by being evaluated on a regular basics and the updated information being implemented and explained to all employees .with clear procedures in place that have to be followed and adhere to. There is a designated individual who is responsible for ensuring that any updates to health and safety or risk management are implemented straight away. Then this is cascaded down to all members of staff during a staff meeting .daily handovers, minutes of meetings and staff supervisions. We also have a maintenance team who are responsible for attending to any health and safety issues .we have a clear system in place for reporting any areas of concern with in the home
We have two folders in the manager’s office that the staff are made aware of and asked to read on their first day of induction then they sigh to say that they have read and understood it.
Demonstrate compliance with health, safety and risk management procedures.
The law states that you have a legal obligation to put in place suitable arrangement to manage health and safety. The management of health and safety at work regulation 1999 requires employers to put in place arrangement to control health and safety risks. A minimum requirement is you should have policies and procedures in place that meet the legal requirements including : a written health and safety policy (if 5 or more people are employed in the work place),assessments of the risk to employees, service users ,outside professionals and visitors to the home and also any others that could be effected by any activates that go on with in the home these need to be recorded in writing .any risk assessments have to be relevant and effective, it also has to show arrangements for updating ,controlling the risk and reviews that have been done and the date the next review is due. The risk assessments also has to show any control measures that have been put in to place to prevent any one coming to any harm. Access to compliant health and safety advice so it provides employees knowledge in how to deal with the risks in the work place and how they are protected. Managers need to provide employees training and instruction in how to deal with work place risks. Ensuring there is adequate and appropriate supervision in place consulting with the employees to make sure they understand what they have learned.
The health and safety executive is responsible for ensuring that adequate arrangement for the enforcement of health and safety legislation in the uk.in fulfilment of its duty, the executive provides guidance to its regulatory staff who have to judge if the measures that have been put in place or proposed are fit for purpose by those who are under duty to control and put measures and reduce the risks (as low as possible) are acceptable.
Explain the actions to take when health, safety and risk management, procedures and practices are not being complied with.
If you are ever in doubt that health, safety and risk management procedures and practices are not being followed then immediate action must be taken.in my work place we have a responsible individual who is ensures that all risk assessments are up to date and factual .the whole staffing team has a responsibility for reporting any issues or area’s within the home that may jeopardise the health, safety and wellbeing of individuals with in the home. The procedure that we follow is to inform the homes maintenance men or if it is something that can cause harm it is remove straight away and not used. The matinee men will address any issues straight away they will take any necessary stepped that are needed to amend the problem if a member of staff is not following health ,safety this is dealt with straight away normally with a urgent supervisor or immediate action is taken by the management team .at times all that’s required is a refresher training course to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.if none compliance is by a resident then advice and support is offered and clear guidelines are explained to prevent this happening again this is recorded and logged and shared with any necessary third party’s.
Evaluate own practice in promoting a balanced approach to risk management.
As a deputy manager I have to constantly evaluate my own practice by promoting a balanced approach to risk management. I do this by having regular meetings with staff and the individuals who we care for .the staff are consulted through handovers every day, staff meetings and supervisions regarding any requests made by the service users. There are times when certain requests cannot be meet on these occasions the reasons are fully explained to the individual who requested them and appropriate reasons given as to why it can’t happen. A compromise will always be offered where possible, requests will be meet to an acceptable degree. I evaluate my own practice by ensuring that I continue to hold regular consultations with my manager so she is aware of any issues as they arrive and when they arrive and to forward plan.
Analyse how helping others to understand the balance between risk and rights improves practice.
Helping other to understand the balance between risk and rights greatly improves practice with in the work place it shows that we are not just making decisions we are talking to individuals about why a certain decision has been made and the reason why we have come to the decision. About the individuals you care for and through supervisions and appraisals with staff. This creates a forum for discussion and allows for reasoning, explanations and a full understanding as to why a decision has taken place. Once people understand why the decision has been made they begin to understand that it is for the benefit of them self and in the best interest of all involved in the home we work in. this will greatly improve practice as it creates a more open environment for future discussions to take place and a compromise to be achieved more easily
Evaluate the health, safety and risk management policies, procedures and practices within a care setting.
All health, safety and risk management policies, procedures and practices with in my work place are evaluated on a regular basics. Risk assessments are done on every single resident in my work place and they are updated and reviewed every month as these are classed as live risk assessments any changes that occur are recorded straight away and the risk assessment is updated to reflect the changes. Any updated information is clear and appropriate to the individual in concern and all necessary party’s informed of the changes and updates. It is then relayed to the staff and staff are given guidance through the communication book, daily hand overs health and safety polices and procedures are reviewed/evaluated annually or before if required .any concerns or issues are addressed straight away and reported to the manager.
Recommended changes to polices, procedures and practices that ensure safety and protection in health and social care.
When identifying areas for improvement and identifying changes you need to consider the following:
What has changed legislation (regulation) or what recent innovations in care practice require the construction of new policies and procedures.
Are all staff fully aware of health and safety procedures or is more training needed to make sure they have up to date knowledge.
How will you go about recommending the changes that are required and what will you do to ensure that the changes are accepted with in the work place?
By undertaking a review of my process and behaviour in respect to health and safety on a regular basics .I will be in a god possession to identify weak points and potential areas for improvement this way we can ensure that police that we already have in place are effective at protecting anyone who comes in to the home that I work in.