Lysosomes can be found in most Eukaryotic animal cells

Lysosomes can be found in most Eukaryotic animal cells, this is because of the function, Lysosomes contain enzymes that digest waste for the cell , which is important for a Mammal to stay healthy and away from illness. 0.1-1.2 Micrometres Varies depending on Animals
Function. The function of Lysosome is to digest the cells waste products and any other particles that could pose a threat to the cell, like bacteria stuck in the cytoplasm that was absorbed by the cell. The Lysosomes also Digest old and depleted organelles like Ribosomes or Mitochondria, if someone had no Lysosomes inside their cells then the waste inside the cell would pile up, until most likely, the cell would die, making Lysosome a key part in a cells survival.


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