Loic Daluz Soares BUSI520 9/2/2018 Integration of Faith and Learning 1 Character is to me what makes a company stand out in a positive way

Loic Daluz Soares


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Integration of Faith and Learning 1

Character is to me what makes a company stand out in a positive way. To talk about his subject, I want to quote Romans 12:13 that says, “When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality”.
I chose this quote because I wanted to speak about a company that has been exceeding expectation for years now, Chick Fil A. According to a report from a Buzzfeed article, Chick-fil-A is likely to become the third-largest fast-food chain restaurant in the United States of Americaby 2020. Chick Fil A is one the most respected chain restaurant across the United States with more than 2200 restaurants. The CEO of the company Dan Cathy has anchored its business in a set of Christian values that has made customers, shareholders, employees and board members more than satisfied with what Chick Fil A represents.
On a personal note, I eat Chick Fil A at least twice a week, and every single time I’m there, their hospitality and customer service are always irreproachable. As an example of their impeccable costumer service, last Friday I was offered a free meal for being a loyal customer. The nice atmosphere, the respectful employees and the great food have kept their costumers satisfied and increased their profit for the last 50 years in a row. In 2016, according to statistics from QSR Magazine, the company average $4.4 million in sales per unit.
Moreover, according to the Chick Fil A website, CEO Dan Cathy wanted to give its employees the opportunity to rest or go to church on Sundays thus Chick Fil A is always closed on Sundays; Even though it meant skipping the highest revenue day of the week, this decision was taken to respect religious teachings. In my eyes, this is a perfect example of how true to their values they are . Chick fil A has been known to not only respect their customers but also their employees. According to a QSR Magazine article, the chain restaurant have been helping their employees to attend colleges by paying more than 61 million in scholarships as of May 2018.
Dan Cathy has always let his faith guide his decisions making. For instance, the Cathy family’s WinShape Foundation has generously supported many nonprofit organizations to help kids in needs.
In other words, Chick fil A leaves nobody indifferent, if you are a person of faith or not, their employees will welcome you in a restaurant where you will feel special. Chick Fil A is here to stay because they have been able to implement their Christian values to their business model.

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