Latoya Mauigoa Sept

Latoya Mauigoa
Sept. 2018
HIS 150
Definition Essay
Protestant Reformation
Protestant Reformation is known as “the Reformation” of religious revolution which came down to its first establishment by the man name Martin Luther. Martin Luther was the first protest Catholic beliefs and one of those church beliefs was the sales of indulgences whereas priests would forgive sins in return for money and goods. For such matter, Martin criticized this Catholic belief and believed that people should not be following this concept which he exclaimed “By faith alone are you saved!”. Martin later produce the first bible in a German translation, reassuring people that God is not an angry judge but a forgiving father. Also, established his own church called the Lutheran Church in Germany and somehow faced a lot of hardships in regards of his protest Catholic and the establishment of his new church. After Martin Luther came John Calvin the other protestant who is against the shortcomings of Catholicism. John Calvin a strong believer in of strict morality and hard work as a practice of a true Christian life. As matter of fact, John taught that God valued every form of work no matter what kind. His doctrines became the basis for the German Reformed Church. The two brave protestants set a great influence on emphasizing the freedom of religion as the major role in the American colonization. This protestant reformation has built and develop many churches around the world. Therefore, this reformation through religious practices has shaped different churches beliefs from personal to biblical beliefs.


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