John Brobson Professor Kadri Brogi 1184_BERKC_ITM_2240_SECOL INFO SYS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN DATE @ “d MMMM yyyy” 19 July 2018 center229235Berkeley Medical Associates Team 00Berkeley Medical Associates Team Capstone Project Final Milestone -3048021272500 People from my team that will be working on my project include but is not limited to my Project Manager

John Brobson
Professor Kadri Brogi
DATE @ “d MMMM yyyy” 19 July 2018
center229235Berkeley Medical Associates Team
00Berkeley Medical Associates Team
Capstone Project Final Milestone
People from my team that will be working on my project include but is not limited to my Project Manager, Project Team Member, Project Sponsor, Executive Sponsor and Business Analyst.

Project Manager: As project manager, their roll primary is responsible for its successful completion. The project manager’s responsibility is to safeguard that the project continues within the definite time frame and under the set forth budget, while accomplishing its objectives. The project manager makes sure that this project has sufficient resources, while managing relationships with all the contributors and stakeholders.

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My project managers duties include but is not limited to:
Develop a project strategy plan
Manage deliverables according to the strategy plan
Recruit staff for the project team
Lead and manage the project team
Determine what methodology to use on this project
Create a project timetable and determine each phase of the strategy plan
Disperse tasks to project team members to own
Deliver regular updates to upper management on the project
Project Team Member: As project team members, their rolls are as individuals who actively labor on one or more segments of the project. Project team members can be in-house staff or external consultants who work on the project on a part time or full-time basis. Project team members roles can vary according to what is needed and assigned by the project manager.

My Project team member duties include but is not limited to:
Donating to global project objectives
Carrying out specific deliverables
Providing proficiency to the project
Working with end users to create and meet business needs
Documenting the entire process on my project
Project Sponsor: As project sponsor, their role is to driver and act as the in-house champion of our project. The project sponsor is typically members of senior management, this is defined as those with a stake in our project’s outcome. As my project sponsors they will work closely with my project manager. The two of them legitimize my project’s objectives and participate in high level project planning. Additionally, my project sponsor will need to help resolve conflicts by remove obstacles that occur during the project. My project sponsor is responsible for signing off on approvals that are needed to further each phase.

My project sponsors duties include but is not limited to:
Make crucial business decisions for my project
Approve my project budget
Safeguard availability of resources
Communicate the project’s goals and objectives throughout the organization structure
Executive Sponsor: My executive sponsor, ideally a high-ranking member of the management team. They are a visible champion of my project within the management team. my executive sponsor is the ultimate decision maker who has the final approval on all steps, deliverables and scope changes to my project.
My executive sponsors duties include but is not limited to:
Carry’s ultimate responsibility for my project
Approves all changes to the scope of my project
Provides additional funding as needed for any scope changes to my project
Approves all of my project deliverables
Business Analyst: My business analyst defines the needs of my project and recommends solutions to make the organization better. My business analyst is part of my project team who ensures that my project’s objectives will solve existing problems and enhance performance in addition to adding value to my customers organization. My business analyst maximizes the value of all of the projects deliverables.

My business analyst’s duties include but is not limited to:
Assists in defining the project
Gathers all requirements from all business units and users
Document technical and business requirements for to my customers organization
Verifies that all project deliverables will meet the required requirements of my customers organization
Test solutions to validate my customers objectives
Object Modeling
right196532500What is object modeling, an object model is a commonsense interface, it can be software or system based that is modeled through the use of object-oriented techniques. object modeling enables the construction of an architectural software or system, this is modeled prior to development or any programming. Object models are part of the object-oriented programming lifecycle. The objective of the below model is to show an example of Patent data flow as compared to Staff data flow.

Berkeley Medical Associates
Name Description
ID MP_01
Description Medical Patent logs onto the Berkeley Medical Associates website.

Actor Medical Patent
OrganizationBenefits Allows 24-hour access for Medical Patents, eliminating some calls.

Triggers User verification New or Existing
Preconditions New Medical Patents directed to new Medical Patent online form to setup account.Existing Medical Patents directed to logon page to ensure security of Medical Patent data.

Main Courses MP_021. Logon2. Access to Make or change an appointment.3. Access to Enter or change insurance information.4. Access to Enter or change medical history.5. Access to View Doctors orders to this Medical Patent 6. Logoff
ID OS_01
Description Office Staff logs onto the Berkeley Medical Associates Intranet.

Actor Office Staff.

OrganizationBenefits Allows access to all systems user has access to.

Triggers Staff verification password verification.

Preconditions Office Staff directed to Logon Page to check access to what systems.

Main Courses OS_021. Logon2. Logoff
Alternate Courses 01 OS_031. Logon Checks Access and sends to Access menu OS_04
Alternate Courses 02 OS_041. Office Staff access sends to OS_052. Billing and Coding Staff sends to OS_063. Doctors and Medical Assistance go to OS_07.

Alternate Courses 03 OS_051. Access to Make or change a Medical Patents appointments.2. Access to Enter or change Medical Patents insurance information.3. Access to Enter or change Medical Patents medical history.4. Access to View Doctors orders to Medical Patent. 5. Logoff
Alternate Courses 03 OS_061. Access to Enter or change Medical Patents insurance information.2. Access to View Doctors orders to Medical Patent.3. Access to Coding and Billing Systems.4. Access to Bookkeeping.5. Logoff
Alternate Courses 03 OS_071. Access to Enter medical diagnostics.2. Access to Enter assessments.3. Access to Medical Patents medical history.4. Access to search Medical Diagnostics Systems and Drug lookup Systems. 5. Logoff
-179709-8456958540522016131Data Transfer / Sale
00Data Transfer / Sale
15903964382852Data Transfer
00Data Transfer
Office Visit Report for Patent
Office Visit Report for Patent
39214084322881Data Transfer
00Data Transfer
Coding of Office Visit and Dr’s Orders
Coding of Office Visit and Dr’s Orders
30911623795156Data Transfer
00Data Transfer
33246113462034195580-491285Patient Requirements / Needs
00Patient Requirements / Needs
Doctor Exam ; Diagnostics
Doctor Exam ; Diagnostics
30803742380616Data Transfer
00Data Transfer
35990801506759Data Transfer
00Data Transfer
Medical Assistant Assessment
Medical Assistant Assessment
Medical History Database
Medical History Database
26944789459522916309548291Data Transfer
00Data Transfer
Patient Medical History
Patient Medical History
Bill sent to Payer
Bill sent to Payer
6215806-53750291681694666Data Transfer
00Data Transfer
6019306304165Data Transfer
00Data Transfer
Billing Department
Billing Department
4318294-581410Data Transfer
0Data Transfer
Insurance and Billing Database
Insurance and Billing Database
Patient Appointment Manager
Patient Appointment Manager
Patient Medical and Billing System
Patient Medical and Billing System
Patient Web Logon
Patient Web Logon

Data Dictionary
Berkeley Medical Associates Data Dictionary
Entry Name Entry
Description Column
Name Column
Description Data
Type Length Primary
Key Example
Patient Logon Name This is the patientsLogon ID Existing Patient Logon Field to Enter Existing Patient ID Letters and Numbers 25 Characters Yes JoeSmith072298
Patient Name This is the PatientsName Name Field to Enter Patient Name Letters 25 Characters No Joe Smith
Patient DOB This is the PatientsDOB DOB Field to Enter Patient DOB Date 8Characters No 1964-01-01
Patient Allergies This is the PatientsAllergies Allergies Field to Enter Patient Allergies Letters 50Characters No Mushrooms
Patient Medications This is the PatientsMedications Medications Field to Enter Patient Medications Letters 50Characters No Zoloft
Patient Appointment Request This is the PatientsAppointment Request Appointment Request Field to Enter Patient Appointment Request Date 8Characters No 2019-01-01
Patient Insurance Carrier This is the PatientsInsurance Carrier Insurance Carrier Field to Enter Patient Insurance Carrier Letters 25 Characters No Blue Cross
Patient Insurance Carrier Card # This is the PatientsInsurance Carrier Card # Insurance Carrier Card # Field to Enter Patient Insurance Carrier Card # Letters and Numbers 25 Characters Yes CH123456789HIP01

Cost Table of Staff
Position Annual Salary Duration Weeks Total Cost
Project Manager $ 89,286.00 20 $ 34,340.77
Project Sponsor $ 44,000.00 15 $ 12,692.31
Executive Sponsor $ 55,000.00 15 $ 15,865.38
Business Analyst $ 65,017.00 15 $ 18,754.90
Project Team Member 01 $ 22,703.00 15 $ 6,548.94
Project Team Member 02 $ 22,703.00 10 $ 4,365.96
Project Team Member 03 $ 22,703.00 5 $ 2,182.98
Total $ 94,751.25
How will the New System Affect the Current Process
The new system will involve a web-based interface for new and existing patients of Berkeley Medical Associates. The new system will allow patients to book all new appointments, enter all their own medical history and all their insurance information this will allow for a faster check in process at the day of appointment streamlining the process to be more efficient and faster for clients and staff. The web passed patient interface will be securely connected to the patient history database, billing system and all office databases needed for patient care. The new system will automatically feed into the billing system and cross reference to the patient treatment files to allow for proper billing of current treatments. E-mail and snail mail of appointment reminders and doctor’s reports will be automatically sent to the patent eliminating the manual processing of this and saving time and manpower.

-20002525717500Website Landing Page User Interface
-149225386207000Website Patient Interface Page
left35242500Feasibility Analyses
As we can see by the above chart that we are green lighted for all because:
Operationally the new system is intuitive and provides for easy to follow instructions without cumbersome extras.

Scheduling is not an issue as this will be cutover and replace the system over the upcoming long weekend as to not interfere with current operations. This is only a fifteen-week project.

From an economic viewpoint, the significant benefits that this project will provide in terms of manpower, time and resources saved will more than compensate for the estimated funds required to bring this project to fruition.

Technically as an outside vendor we have all the needed resources to properly create, install, train and maintain this new software project.