Jacob Roth Mr

Jacob Roth
Mr. Childs
Honors English 2
13 May 2018
True Nature Of Happiness
“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way”- Yoda. You can’t define happiness, happiness is a broad concept of what basically is something that we enjoy. For example, I could think happiness is having friends but to someone else, it could be the complete opposite, it’s subjective no two people have the same meaning for happiness. That’s why I’m going to be focusing on my individual understanding of happiness and a popular theory on happiness.
I believe you can’t be happy if you have never really have been sad, to put it in another light it would be like saying there are two sides to a coin, you can’t have one without the other. An example is if you always succeed in life there wouldn’t be any sense of reward, you would come to expect it but when we fail it doubles the satisfaction we acquire from succeeding. This brings me to my main point about how I perceive happiness, Success. Success is the end goal of every objective you set out to do whether it be making friends, becoming rich, or simply making a tasty breakfast in the morning success will always be your intention. Perhaps it is the other way around, Shawn Achor believes happiness leads to success when he says “The greatest cultural myth in modern society is that we cannot change. My research proves that you can not only become more positive, but if you prioritize happiness in the present, you can reap an extraordinary advantage” Either way if our minds decide what we comprehend as success that would mean happiness is basically whatever you want it to be and by definition we can decide to be happy or not. I can’t simply decide to be happy though whenever I want so it would have to be some kind of subconscious activity that decides for us based on our experiences in life.
There are so many different perceptions of happiness out there but i’m going to talk about the most widely accepted ones that most people can find similar aspects in that coexist with their own ideas. According to the website Meant To Be Happy the 10 ways to live a happy life follow as Be Humble, Be Courageous, Be Grateful, Be Tolerant, Be Loving, Be Forgiving, Be Selfless, Be Honest, Be Persistent, and Be Patient. This all makes sense but is there a point to which Happiness can hurt you? In the article Four Ways Happiness Can Hurt You by June Gruber she states “By recognizing the potential pitfalls of happiness, we enable ourselves to understand it more deeply and we learn to better promote healthier and more balanced lives”. Happiness can actually limit creativity and can allow you to be caught off guard by situations and another topic the article touches upon is the fact that all happiness isn’t good for example Pride. Finally the fact that you pursue happiness might actually make you unhappy because some people’s minds set a unbelievably high standard for their happiness.
In Conclusion happiness is a fascinating construct of the human mind that nobody really quite knows the key to. In my opinion success is the ultimate happiness and how to obtain it but it differs immensely from person to person. The one thing though that everyone does agree on is the nonstop race to try and achieve it.

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