It was in 1920 that the 19th Amendment was created for women all across America to be able to vote

It was in 1920 that the 19th Amendment was created for women all across America to be able to vote. All books say that we got equality and were able to vote but they say it as if it was handed over to us when in reality we had to fight for. All women across America fought for about 130 years and more after the constitution was created because they believed that only white men should be entitled to this right. They thought about making a new amendment called the equal rights amendment in 1923 and it was to make men and women equal under U.S. law. However, this never made it become an amendment. When we were getting ready to declare independence from England, Abigail Adams wrote a letter to John Adams (who was her husband) in March 1776 saying to give women rights and equality, not just the men or they were going to protest. John Adams ignored her words and no one took her serious and Abigail was serious so when she saw nothing was happening, Abigail and the women all over America did as was told and protested. However, it took time for change to happen because it wasn’t till 1920 that women were given the right to vote. It all started during the American Revolution, women were protesting and were getting small changes but the bigger change came around the 1900’s. In New Jersey gave women and African Americans to vote but it only lasted till 1807 because it was taken away from them. Women could not vote or hold any kind of elected office in America, but they also had no other identity other than their husbands; women were extremely powerless back in the day. For example, they could not sign contracts, own property, go to college, or even gain custody of their children if they were to get a divorce. Later on, Lydia Maria Child who was an important American novelist and she wrote about the U.S taking away women’s rights to vote and basically said women are pissed and to watch their back. This got more women thinking and wanting change. This was a time when many revolutions were happening and the abolition of slavery is gaining more momentum. Since this was happening it somehow pushed more women and led us to our first convection. There were 2 women called Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and they were at a convection were they were not allowed to sit because they felt as though women shouldn’t be delegates and because of this the women’s rights movement began. There was about 300 people at the women’s right convention and Frederick Douglass attend this meeting. Some women felt as though we should vote but that men were better than women but others felt as though society was doing horrible because women were not in the picture. Frederick Douglass spoke up and supported the convection of Stanton. And after he did, the right to vote became one of the resolutions issued by the convention. He also writes in his article that “All that distinguishes man as an intelligent and accountable being is equally true of woman” — and so, he says, there’s “no reason in the world” for denying women the right to vote.” This shows how he really supported women and how he wanted to help them get their rights. There’s a point within the podcast where it says the following “Elizabeth Cady Stanton, because what she basically said is: Why should black men have the vote before white women? And implicit in that is her belief that white women are superior to black men. I mean, that is how she felt. So she basically was opposed to the 15th Amendment that gave former slaves the right to vote. And not everyone agreed with her on that point.” I strongly agree with her thoughts because she fighting for their rights but so are they and it just looks in her part. If I was alive during her time period I think I would have told her a few stuff about this because there should be no reason for her trying to get/fight for women rights while trying to trash talk or bring down another group of people who have struggled the same or even more than them. It’s just something you simply just don’t or shouldn’t do in the first place. Anthony and Stanton had died and the rest of the women continued the fight for success. Some of them even risked going to jail and started a hunger strike. After this President Wilson declared his supported the idea of an amendment to give women the right to vote.