Is child behavior becoming better or worse than it was years ago

Is child behavior becoming better or worse than it was years ago?

An ancient Chinese saying of Xunzi goes, ‘Man’s nature is evil at birth’, which provides an opinion for whether a child’s behavior is becoming better or worse than before. Nowadays, children’s behavior in society has become very complicated, for the reasons that many aspects are contributing to the change of children performance. From my perspective, child behavior is better than it was years ago because of education, care from their parents and teachers as well as child’s own experience.
The education is the first reason why I think child behavior is better than before. It has been said that investing in education is investing in one’s future, a child’s development depends a lot on his or her growing environment, so both school and family that a child immerses in play significant roles in teaching child to develop better. Secondly, caring from parents and teachers is also extremely crucial while children can only make progress under their parents’ caring. What’s more, child’s own experience can accelerate his or her cognitive development, which is beneficial to their future behaviors. For example, child who goes through a robbery in the store will be considered as committing a crime.
In the opposite, child behavior may get worse due to imitation behavior. For instance, some parents feel a sense of frustration that their children are likely to skip classes, contradict with families or even leave away from home at rebellious period. Although these behaviors are common, I hold the opinion that a child’s imitation ability is very strong. On the other hand, inadequate educational environment is another factor that causes worse behavior, since the improper wrongdoings can be blamed for parents’ indulgence or lack of care.
Whether a child’s behavior becomes better or worse relates to each single family or even the community. In conclusion, appropriate education, care and child’s personal experience can lead to better behavior during his or her development, because they build up a child’s characteristic. And what I suggest for parents is to spend more time with patience educating your children, and accompany them to provide sufficient care suitably.

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