Introduction We know that Job Analysis and Human Resource Planning are important in the one bigger company or hotel

We know that Job Analysis and Human Resource Planning are important in the one bigger company or hotel. The meaning of Job Analysis that people know today is a systematic exploration, skills, duties, recording to the responsibility that given by the manager, study all the rules and law of the company or hotel. Work environment and specific job capability requirements are needed in the company to streamline the company’s future. Job Analysis also involves all the relative are important of the duties, physical and emotional skill to job that are given by the manager or department. For these all the factors of the job demands, so it is important responsibility to the employee to have possess when doing job productively. The important of job analysis is all details that collected by conducting job analysis that play very important role in controlling the output and input (a little bit) of particular job. The job will success if the company didn’t have any unbiased, proper and thorough the analysis. The main purpose of this whole process is for easy them to create and establish a perfect between the employee and the job that are provided. Besides that, job analysis also has own responsibility to help Human Resource managers in determining compensation packages and additional benefits and incentives for a specific job position in the company or hotel. It also provided the training and performance of the existing employees to let them will has the best work performance. This process is the policies to fulfil an organizational goals and objectives. Next, managers or organization not guarantee will get the desired output in analysis of the particular job. But if the employment information is inaccurate and inspected from time to time, employee will not be able to perform of they duty as well. Finally, a thorough and unbiased investigation or study in a particular job is good for bolt of managers and employees. Managers can know who to hire and know the reason why to hire. They also can fill the bare place in the company with the right people. Besides, existing or potential of the worker knows what and how he should do to perform their best in the job and what the desired output is. For those new employees, manager in the company need to make sure that the employee had skills, often do the work given from the company. That why job analysis is important so that its employees are sufficiently qualified to submit the conditions before accepting them as permanent workers. Job analysis will create the best between job and employees.
Beside that, Human Resource planning also known as is the one of the process to prediction
the future human resource requirements of the organization and determining as to know how
to existing the human resource capacity of the organization to fulfil of all of the requirement. Next, human resource more focuses on the basic of the economic concept of the demand and supply in the context of organizational human resource capacity. It is an HRP process that helps organizational management in meeting the future demand of human resources in the organization with the supply of appropriate people at the right number at the right time and place. After done all analysis of the human resource requirements only can be process of the recruitment and selection initiated by the top management in the company or hotel. Human resource planning also will successfully be achieving with the strategies and objectives of the organization being done, because it as the foundation of a company’s success in all the plan that have been done. In fact, with the long-term objectives and the organizational elements of the organization broadly linked to human resource planning today. And now people around the world understand human resource planning as a Strategic Human Resource Planning. The work done by human resource planning to give a lot of benefit to the company should have is 5 important steps it is:
• Determine your business goal
• Scan the environment that indicate internal scan and external scan
• Conduct a gap analysis
• Set Human Resource priorities to help achieve departmental goal
• Monitor, evaluate, and report on progress.
That is the 5 steps should have in the HRP to successfully all work in the company. Because of each Job Analysis and Human Resource Planning are needed in the most of the company because that can help they to achieve their future goal and hope and without any problems.