INTRODUCTION Water is life’s most basic need

Water is life’s most basic need, we can’t live without it since it affects health, education, food scarcity almost everything in our life. Even though tow third of our blue planet consists of water we can only use an extremely small part of it as drinking water. Nowadays, the pollutants that affect water is making everyone worry about what may happen in the future. So, this report will discuss the causes of water pollution and show how it affects marine life. It will also suggest some possible solutions and some recommendations.

One of the biggest health danger for every living thing in planet is the water pollution. According to Drew Brucker (October 9, 2017), from previous 5 years up to now more than 817 animal species are affected by water pollution. On the earth, there are two sources of water one is groundwater, and another is surface water such as oceans, lakes, and rivers. Both sources are already becoming polluted. Water pollution occurs in several ways such as plastic that caused by human waste, or chemicals like oil and sewage that caused by industrial waste, or by air pollution. According to Drew Brucker (October 9, 2017), a study shows that around 45000 plastic pieces in every square mile in the ocean.

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