Philippines, like the other countries in Asia, is an agricultural country. The primary purpose of farming of the people is for subsistence rather than for economic purposes from the very beginning till present, for the people who dwells in the rural areas. Thus, the farmers depend on the output of the production within the system of the farm.
Farming system is a unique and reasonably stable arrangement of farming enterprises that the household manages according to well-defined practices in response to the physical, biological, and socio-economic environment and in accordance with the household’s goals, preferences and resources (Shanner et al, 1982). Plainly, the productivity of the farm be contingent on the organization and sorting of the resources and components such as the inputs, techniques, patterns, process, etc. as well as the decisions associated in the farming. Although agriculture in the Philippines has been studied through the years, and farming systems in the country are identified and established, nevertheless, as time gets older, some factors involved in the system may be altered. For instance, the climate, which consequently might drive the local folk to the conversion of a more feasible, effective and applicable system to the call of time. In this study, rural area serves as the focal point. This research will verify and establish determinants and factors of the farming systems (cropping patterns-profile of the farmers) currently subsisting; focusing in the rural area, of Brgy. Campesao, which is subjected to the survey conducted, whether the systems are sustained for long, or it has been subjected to conversion due’ to many factors affecting the efficiency and success of the enterprises.

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