INTRODUCTION In today’s modern world


In today’s modern world, maintaining a business is not something that can be easily done any longer. You have a considerable measure of work to do to get ahead in the race and aside from that, you have tons of rivalry. An organization can advertise their product and services on television, radio and printed media but sometimes these methods would not deliver the results that an organization aiming for. By entering telemarketing, it is another kind of way to market their product and services in a long run. Telemarketing usually means contacting an organization’s customers and potential customers by telephones. The main two categories of telemarketing are Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). It is widely used to contact people and promote an organization’s product and services, charities, carry out information etc.

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Telemarketing can be very effective for an organization to make sales and increase their profit. This business technique enables small business to expand outside of the local business area. An organization that wish to promote an event that appeals to a specific demographic can also use telemarketing to reach potential participants. For instance, an organization that organizes continuing education conferences for dentists could use telemarketing to contact a large number of dental practices to raise awareness about an upcoming conference and encourage the dentists to attend. But to some, Telemarketing makes them cringe. It is because it arouses the memories of being interrupted at their breakfast, lunch or dinner by some random phone calls from people who are attempting to sell their product or services that they have no use for.

Call centres are one of the best providers for telemarketing services. Of course, they should be good at it, it’s a telemarketer’s job. An organization really need to take it up a notch when going up against all the other big dogs in the industry. They may need to consider using a good telemarketing company to do the job for you. But, before that, they need to pick which kind of telemarketing call centre they want either it is inbound or outbound. Most call centres do both but since an organization doing a business and they want to expand their market, then they should go with an outbound call centre.


Telemarketing is the black sheep in our marketing world. It is often hated despite that, an organization keeps on making it work by inserting three major components which are professionalism, focusing better and relevancies. Accused of being irritating and meddling, telemarketing keeps on being used by organizations around the world for advertising a product and services by providing telephone based customer service. After research made by Omnilead, there are few reasons why telemarketing should be implement by businesses.

In this era, TV commercials have a chance of going away before they are able to captivate the audiences. Newspapers advertisements can go unnoticed, digital advertisements are often seen as an unwanted stuff and social media advertisements hardly get the desired impacts. The best way to reach out to the prospects is to actually get the personally in touch with them by Telemarketing with great success. Telemarketers not only connect, but they convert the curious queries into leads.

It is stricter compliance with privacy guidelines. The Do not call register and the privacy act has been imposed in businesses in an effort to try and clean up telemarketing industry and prevent unethical businesses. According to Hariati Azizan (2014) said that fellow Malaysian can easily register their mobile number through Personal Data Protection Department (DPDP). An organization and individuals who would like to market their product or services via telemarketing first have to refer to the Malaysia Do Not Call Registry (DNCR. Let’s say if their number is registered with the DNCR, an organization would not be allowed to call and text that promotes or advertise their product and services. If those registered numbers continue to be bothered by telemarketers, all they have to do is fila a complaint to the registry. The DNCR will take action against them.

Besides that, it also expands an organization’s sales territory. There’s a lot of organization who has no choice but to advertise and promote their product or services to the local communities. Banking on the fact that the communities who lived in that particular area will support their business, on top of that they spent thousand of dollars to advertise campaign that only reached small number of consumers. Telemarketing on the other hand, enables an organization to venture into new markets and convey to the prospects how their product or services can change their lives.

Despite the sales value that telemarketing offers, many consumers associate it with a negative image. Customers responses are not always friendly all the time, as bad experiences with telemarketers contribute to the negative stereotype. A few customers locate the unknown number or unwanted calls irritating or are wary of a scams called.

Malaysia is the same as some other country in that it suffers from this issue, yet spam calls are a greater aggravation in that nation than a portion of its neighbours. According to the News Straits Times in November 2017, one of the application named Truecaller has helped Malaysians identify more than 4.3 million spam calls happen in that year. This one of the reason why people doesn’t really care and react on how telemarketing is actually work these days.

Another major disservice of telemarketing is that the customer’s records are costly to buy and may not be exceptional. Regularly, they don’t result in a high number of genuine deals. For example, most of the people on a contact list may have no interest or use in what you are trying to sell. Beneficial telemarketing records have the names of customers who have statistic attributes that intently coordinate those of the company itself objective market or who have beforehand bought products like what the business offers.

Moreover, another enormous burden of utilizing telemarketers is the expense of training every individual. Despite the fact that the company are setting aside some cash compensation shrewd, regardless the company need to prepare the telemarketers. That can be very expensive; especially since most of them will not work out, then that money is wasted. The real estate of business is requiring its experts to be to a great degree proficient in all parts of the business. Prior to working with the company, a consumer wants to know complete details of whatever property or products they are interested in. In the event that they are conversing with a telemarketer, chances are high the telemarketer won’t have that data accessible. Therefore, the company most likely have lost them as a customer, as well as any referrals they might have given to the business.


Any company that interested on utilizing telemarketing must initially have a solid understanding of the product they wishes to advertise. This not just means giving the advertising group a lot of data about the product’s features and specification, it additionally implies directing exploration about who might be attracted on the product.

Although that we live in a period where organizations are utilizing everything from internet and media social to content promoting to create new leads, telemarketing is as yet a vital practice for those needing to proactively push their products and services. This isn’t to imply that that telemarketing ought to be utilized rather than more up to date hones like internet and media social and content marketing, in fact it can really complement in these new channels.

Actually, choosing the right telemarketing organization for the business is crucial as they will be an essential component of your business procedure. On the off chance that the company will miss the point, at that point where it can harm to the company reputation and image could be immense and their deals and lead age endeavours will fall flat. The company should attempt to meet with a few organizations and regard the procedure as a meeting before choosing the one that best suits their business needs and the goals of the crusade. This procedure requires exertion however in the event that the company submit to the secrets uncovered above, the company will ideally discover the telemarketing organization that is appropriate for their business and start what is ideally a long and successful business partnership.

Despite the fact that organizations can draw in with their target market and produce leads through different new channels today, telemarketing isn’t something that ought to be overlooked. It is exceedingly prescribed that you incorporate telemarketing into the suitable advertising and marketing efforts with the end goal to accomplish the most ideal outcomes for your organization. At the point when executed the correct way and utilized as a component of a keen advertising plan, telemarketing will turn out to be an imperative and profitable business opportunity that you can’t bear to pass up.