Introduction Eating snacks have always been deemed to be a bad habit

Eating snacks have always been deemed to be a bad habit. This is because lots of snacks in the market currently contain various unnatural additives that could negatively affect people’s health, which may increase the potential risk of illness, such as obesity. However, the health issue can be avoided by having organic snacks. Organic snacks include at least ninety-five percent of organic ingredients, and it can also supply the basic nutrition that people needed (Bradford 2015). In this case, our company XX was established to work on the wholesale of organic snacks industry. This report will present about our company’s business situation and marketing strategies that regard to our products, customers and competitors. Also, this report will investigate the advantages and drawbacks of three enterprises’ resource systems that can be used by XX in terms of Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. Then, the resource system that is most compatible with our company. was established in 2013, which is an expanding wholesaler company. The firm is based on cost leadership strategy, which implement low-pricing as the core guideline of our company. XX has been verified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). As Bradford (2015) mentioned, the food cannot be called ‘organic’ until it has been approved by USDA. Moreover, the company’s goal is to provide high-quality and cost-efficient organic snacks to retailers around the world. Additionally, XX firm has also implemented the face-to-face strategy. For instance, XX have warehouses in many first-tier cities, such as Sydney and Beijing. Meanwhile, XX also allows retailers to communicate and trade in the warehouses. Kajabi (2018) claimed that face-to-face approach can let retailers know the details of products rather than digital information, and it could build the trust with those buyers.

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About XX company
Organic snacks are the key selling points for XX, and the main advantages of our organic products are embracing honesty, health, and low pricing. Particularly, the company has been verified by the USDA, which means our product is qualified and reliable; it makes ours organic product to be more trustworthy for buyers. Meanwhile, as mentioned XX has several stores in different cities that could contribute to saving some freight cost which can lower the pricing. Meanwhile, most of our staff are local residents; the labour can be lowered as well. In short, XX’s organic snacks have the benefits of reliability, positive diet and cost-efficient .

Customers’ needs and target customer is also concerned by our organization. Breschi (2018) said that the product must answer the desire of buyers. XX’s targeted customers are supermarket, people on diet and special patients. Supermarket as a retailer consider revenue and cost as a decision making factor. This then relate to the cost leadership method that satisfies the low-cost requirement of the supermarket. Furthermore, organic snacks comprise biological components. It significantly responds to the requests of people who want the healthy diet. Additionally, for some patients that may have diabetes or cholesterol, they are not allowed to eat general snacks, whereas our organic snacks will not only fulfil their snacking urge but also achieve their nutrition needs. Therefore, the supermarkets and people who look for healthy products are the main purchasers of XX’s products.

XX main competitiors are businesses with similar backgrounds, such as Honest and Goodness. Honest and Goodness is Australian food-selling distributor, who is also selling organic products (Honest and Goodness, 2018). Even if Honest and Goodness is similar to our business, we have our own advantages. Firstly, XX has its own unique feature compare with Honest and Goodness in term of cost and delivery. XX has serveral storeroom in different countries, and it is more low-costing and easier to supply products to customers rather than international express. Namely, the cost for purchasing can be decreased, and XX’s organic snacks can be more attractive than Honest and Goodness for most potential buyers. Thus, the XX can be distinguished from other business by the cost efficient tactics.