Design thinking of a product or a service is a people focused, collaborative and action oriented approach to digest, contribute, reinvent and problem solving. Design thinking is mainly about the need that a product or a service meets for customer but less about its look. In his words of Steve Jobs “Design is not just what it looks like and feel like. Design is how it works.” Nowadays, people adopt new technologies, discover new solutions and develop different expectations. In order to meet the expectations of the people in the emerging technology, we need to connect them with empathy. The strategy of design thinking should address the customer’s problems in a creative way. Perpetual innovation of a product or a service to an organisation is a part of the success but the eternal innovative design thinking will fortify the success of that organization and it leaves a ratified impassion in customers mind. Everything in the universe is connected with designing. People are emerging from thinking ourselves as designers to designer thinkers. Design thinking is bit exciting because it puts a toolset for creativity in the hands of people who wouldn’t normally identify themselves as creative. The successful tool of design thinking creates a collective collaboration across the multiple disciplines and therefore offers organizations a way to do better, despite of its reputation.
New Product Development
New product or service is the complete process of bringing a new product or service and to market that started from customers’ needs. It includes several phases like planning, research, design, production and sales. The traditional way of new product development process can be divided into several phases: product planning, concept development, system design, detail design, testing ; refinement and production. However, most important of them is product concept selection. The organization needs to identify customer needs, establish target specification, generate product concepts, select a product concept, test product concept, set final specs and plan downstream development. Each flow of concept development stage needs to be inspected, reviewed and revised repeatedly. The traditional view of the new product development abruptly changed to new design think new product development. Enabling the technological design think to the new product development has been resulted the best industries practice in the recent years. The Design thinking plays a crucial role in new product development. In recent days, the design thinkers are focusing on how the new product is meeting the customers’ need in the most stylish way. This strategy becomes obvious in the digital world. All the digitalized products such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, watches, cameras, television sets, home decors, children tools, home appliance etc. are designed as customer centric. The tools are designing to keep the special designated impassion on the product in addition to the normal utilization. This leaves a reverential impact on the mind of the people to words the product or service.

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The designing thinking of a product or service adapts several set of strategies in order to meet the customer expectation and desire.
Customer orientated
Highly innovative
Continues efforts