Maudsley personality inventory was invented by HJ EYSENCK who has help us shape the history of psychology. His main interest was in the field of personality and intelligence. He was the founder of the concept neuroticism .This is a test / questionnaire that measures were the individual lands on the scale of extraversion and introversion and neuroticism.
EXTRAVERSION : we often meet people who are enthusiastic and active, talkative, quick at their actions and show assertive behaviour they are often called extravert. They are very energetic people and they enjoy being in parties and being part of social events.
INTROVERT : we have seen people who always tried to be a part of social event and antisocial not because they are scared to be in a social situation they are introverts they basically give importance to mental activity than physical.
NEUROTICISM : this refer to people who are often moody and have frequent experience anxiety, worry, anger, frustration, and envy, jealousy, guilt. The people who score high on neuroticism scale they are at the risk of getting mental disorder. In other words they are emotionally not stable and cant handle mental stress easily.