In today’s society

In today’s society, hair is a major money maker because females today are spending more money on their hair than other important things in their life because some females feel like their hair is more important than anything else in their life . Hair is a major money maker in african american society today because most african american females today are using different types of hairstyles but majority of the american females are wearing extensions . Yes there are some females that have short cuts , braids , curly hair , finger waves , flexed perms , etc . I agree with my topic because females are mainly spending more money on their hair than anything else that is important.
Most females today does not like grooming their own hair because it may be hard to deal with so they choose different hairstyles so they would not have to do their hair almost everyday . Most females can not control their hair . Females with natural hair may have more trouble doing their hair then females with straight hair . With natural hair you may have to put many chemicals or products in you hair to make it how you want it . Natural hair may take time for you to get it
to not puff up or look tacky . With straight hair you just need to flat iron it every two weeks because if you keep applying heat on it your hair will start breaking off .
Some females just prefer other hairstyles so they would not have to do their own hair. Like with braids , all you have to do is tie it up every night and style it how you want . Braids are so much easier to maintain. Lemonade braids are also easy to maintain because all you have to do is put a little edge control on it and just go wherever you need to go . With sew-ins it is easy to maintain but at the sametime you need to know how to deal with it . Once the hair is done, one has to have the heat applied to your “leave out” (where your real hair is left out at ) , you can not constantly put the heat on your hair because you will have what its called “heat damage” meaning the ends of your hair will start spilling , it may start falling out and then your leave-out will be shorter than the rest of your hair.
Females mainly wear extensions rather than their real hair because its easier to deal with and it keeps their hair healthy . Also some females wear extensions to fit in society perception of beauty . Some females may just does not have any hair and is afraid that people may judge them . In today’s society most females use different types of hair produces to help their hair grow . “In 2003 there were very few produces for black women with kinky, curly, or wavy hair.” Around that time there were a few products to treat and kinds of curly hair . “During 2016 more black african american females are spending 2.56 billion dollars on hair products .” Females during that time just started wearing natural hair so that their hair can breathe or because of the hair damage they had and wanted to start treating their hair more .
With fronals you can just style it how you want instead of putting heat on it . You does not have to worry about your hair getting damaged or it falling out . Also you can choose any part you want like right side , middle , and left side part .The only catch about getting a frontal is you have to keep up with it meaning get it done every two weeks . Hair trichologists suggests best cure for frontal baldness is “Hair Growth Treatments.” Hair growth treatments will help your hair grow extremely fast and more healthier. Frontal hair transplant treatment helps to regain and regrow hair in the baldness area . Best hair regrowth treatment for frontal baldness helps to fight thinning, regain healthy hair .
With sewin’s all you have to do is flat iron your hair once and a little edge control on your edges and just comb the rest . Far as you curling it just pin curl your hair or put them on flexi rods and you will continue to have curls in your hair . If you do not take care of a frontal how you are supposed to then you may have a little hair lose but there are treatments for it . Also you can style your hair any how you want it like a crown braid , half up half down , straight boned or crinkle it . Middle parts are very much easier to maintain then a side part because your hair flows with the extension hair .With a side part you can not wear certain hairstyles because it may not look right . ” Weaving is a major for beauty shops because more females are spending hundreds of dollars.” Beauty shops all over mainly are using weave because of they type of hairstyles females may want or just because they may not have any hair .
Extension can have your hair grow long and healthy . The longer you leave extensions in your tracks will start pushing down and your hair will start growing nonstop. After you may get your hair done, most hairstylist use miracle drops just to make sure your hair becomes more healthier than what it actually was before . Females today may keep extensions in for at least one month and a half depending on what type of extensions you may have in your head . There are beauty standards on the hair culture of African American women throughout history. Sleeping with extensions in your head would be much easier to deal with because all you doing it is just clipping it onto your braid or braids .
Extensions are easier to maintain because all you have to do is take a wig brush and brush it down. Basically all you are doing is just clipping it onto the braid and style it how you want it to be . “Extensions are floning from the scalps of glamour conscious people like most African American celebrities .” Most celebrities chose to wear extensions or weave because it may be what their manager suggest or just a little something if they are late to a convention . “Some females celebrities hair cascading and every which way films .” Depending on the character they may play they may change hairstyles maybe twice. Females does not have to constantly put heat or any chemicals while having extensions in their head .
Real hair you may have to keep putting heat or keep putting chemicals on your head in order for it to be how you want it to be . Depending on many female hair texture during the winter or summer some of their hair may not stay during them times . They are different types of hair textures like fine hair , medium hair , thick or coarse hair , straight hair , wavy hair , curly hair , and kinky hair . Fine hair is fragile. Each individual hair is thin and only has two hair layers; cortex and cuticle. It can be hard to keep fine hair in a style, and it gets oily easily. Too much product will weigh it down and it breaks easily. Medium hair is what most people have, and is thicker than fine hair. The individual hairs have the same two hair layers that fine hair has, but may also have the third one – the medulla. Medium hair can keep hairstyles better, looks thicker and is more resistant to breaking.Thick or coarse hair has all three hair layers; cortex, cuticle and medulla. Thick hair gives the impression of a fuller head of hair, and it can keep a hairdo well. It is more tolerant to heat, styling products, hair dye and breakage than fine or medium hair. But this also means it takes longer to dry and can get frizzy in humid weather.
Natural hair is kind easy to maintain . Most african american female are wearing their natural hair because of the damage they may have on their hair . Females who are not of African descent usually do not think much of African hair. They think that it is just hair and not a big deal. This is where they would be wrong. Hair is a very big deal in African society and is part of the collective struggle that African people have dealt with since slavery. Most Africans, especially female African Americans, wear their hair in an altered state, whether that is with chemicals or heat, and are afraid to show their hair as it naturally is. Females of African descent should be encouraged to wear their natural hair because: chemical and heat styling hair is damaging and unhealthy to the body, it is psychologically debilitating to try to blend in with others, and living as one was born is liberating.
In other words yes hair is a major money maker in african american society today because are spending at least two thousand dollars a year .