In this text

In this text, I will be explaining why the Greeks were able to defeat the Persians in 490 to 480/479 BC. In my first paragraph, I will be talking and getting my evidence from The Battle Of Marathon. The reason for the victory was a mixture of skillful strategies, smart tactics, first-class weapons, outstanding leadership and a bond between the Greek soldiers.
With each defeat against the Persians, the Greeks were getting more and more confident. Which helped them win over and over again.
There were many brilliant Greek leaders from, the individual cities that combined their ideas, abilities, and skills together to defeat there enemy. Greek leadership and determination are what they used to defend their homes.

The Battle of Marathon In 490 BCE was an important event in history. The great war between the Greek city-states and The Persian Empire.In the narrow plane of Marathon in eastern Greece, a battle was getting started. On one side 80,000 Persians, On the other side the army of 10,000 Athenians.The

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