In The present work

In The present work, the gold nanoparticles have been prepared through green synthesis using maze extract at room temperature, the maze extract was used as reducing and stabilizing agents for AuNPs (gold nanoparticles), synthesized gold nanoparticles were confirmed by the color change of the aqueous solution and the PH of the solution was 7.8, after confirmation green gold nanoparticles were characterized by through various techniques like UV-Visible spectroscopy, FT-IR(Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy), SEM (Scanning electron microscopy), TEM (Transmission electron microscopy) and EDAX (Energy Dispersive X- Ray analysis). The green gold nanoparticles were determined by UV- Visible spectroscopy the absorbance peak was observed at 540 nm with the spherical sized gold nanoparticles confirmed by TEM and average particle size of gold nanoparticles was observed 30nm. FT-IR results represent the various phenolic compounds like alkaloids and flavonoids in aqueous solution. The size, shape and other properties were confirmed through SEM and EDAX analysis. Green synthesis of the gold nanoparticles at room temperature is the innovative process for the biomedical applicable gold nanoparticles