In the academic circles there are many different experts

In the academic circles there are many different experts & scholars have studies and analysed the decline of Nokia from different perspectives. Fu. Z. S. had analysed Nokia’s failure according to impracticability of Nokia phone’s operating system. Yi, M. and Zheng, Z. Q had resolved the failure by comparing Nokia with Apple iPhone market. They thought that the main reason why Nokia lost to Apple was pursuing technological innovation blindly and neglecting the most important business model innovation Nokia had a blind belief in their brand name. Zheng, Z. Q explained the requirement of the correct grasp of the consumer needs from consumer purchasing behaviour characteristics of different periods. Zeng, F. P discussed the factors affecting the success of the enterprise by observing and taking Nokia as a live example. This analysis was mainly done with the four aspects: product innovation, management and mechanism, marketing models and marketing channels. Wang, W. H. showed more attention to the strategies Nokia implemented in their history pointing out the company’s existing problems and put forward practical suggestions on the base of its analysis, its financial data, financial performance and financial policy. Shang, T. M. considered that Nokia made a lot of errors in the process of strategic transformation, and caused the transformation sure to succeed into a doomed failure. Nokia failed to adapt to the competition of mobile Internet era, but still hoped bring the experience and order of the old era into the new era while some of the critics thinkers still believe that the quality of Nokia’s mobile phone was the essential issues. By this paper what we analysed is that the reasons of the decline of Nokia from the perspective of marketing and put forwarded some suggestions for the contemporary enterprises.