In my opinion

In my opinion, human beings are taught to be obedient, respectful, and not question their leaders from the very young age. For instance, a child in a school follows each and every instructions given to them by their teacher because he/she can not go against the power and authority that a teacher holds. So, when we grow older we inherit some of these characters and develop it as our personality. Usually, we do not tend to go against authority; and follow their directions whether agreeable or not because we are afraid of getting into trouble to some extent, instead we try to impress the authority by implementing their orders.

In the command Mark 1:17, given by the Christ to his disciples he ordered the fishermen brother who were preparing their nets for fishing to stop fishing and follow him to make disciples all around the world and they followed the Christ without any hesitation because they considered him as their leader. Likewise, in Milgram’s experiment, most of the teachers(torturer) followed each and every instruction of the experimenter(authority) without any conscience of the impact of electric shocks on the other person. This shows that we blindly follow what the authority orders us to do whatever the consequences might be afterwards. Milgram’s experiment clearly indicates that we can go to any level of cruelty in the name of following the orders even if we are not fully committed in doing so, because if the shocks were actually given then the person would have been dead.

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Matthew 5:38-41 says we should not resist an evil person instead we should do more than what an evil person expect from us which is a good thinking of getting rid from the trouble and make peace. But today’s leadership whether political or business is very far from this logic because they try to compete with each other leaving behind their moral, social and cultural values and they want to be at the top in any way possible whether it is ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth’ as said in Matthew 5:38.

As a leader, I will not be afraid to take the decisions that may not be popular because I think leaders should have the capacity to take risks, as in Milgram’s experiment, the authority assures the torturer not to be worried and he will take responsibilities of any consequences which eventually encouraged torturer to level up his punishment. And, I will follow only those leaders who are ethical and keep up their words. Also, I will not raise unnecessary concerns over the decision made by the leadership or the authority unless they are not against the people or the employee.