In my opinion

In my opinion, I think that Simon chose to employ a democratic style for the meeting because this is the most appropriate as these people go through these types of crimes they are more experienced. I think this is the most appropriate because they have time to get people’s opinions on this as it is not a tight deadline. Social services deal with youth all the time therefore, they would more like have ideas on how to stop the youth from committing crimes rather than a manager in the bank. These people will also build communication with different stakeholders. The advantages to Simon using this style is that it can produce high quality of work for long period of time. This is an advantage because these organisations are most likely to deal with youth and understand them more and they have more knowledge on how to stop the youth from committing crimes meaning there will be less crimes committed by the youth. In my opinion, the advantages of using this style is that democratic discussions take time, therefore, it can take a long time to go through everyone’s opinion, and there can be a deadline to meet. On the other hand, the opinions may be biased, if the opinions are biased the ideas getting from these people may be ineffective. Also, trying to get all those people together in one room on the same day and at the same time may be difficult for Simon, as they are all working they may have different stuff to do and they may not want to attend this. There are advantages of the project using this style, Simon had all the expertise decisions, this is an advantage because those ideas may be effective to drop the youth crime rates down. Also, it can have an improvement on youth offenders. In conclusion, I think, democratic leadership is the most appropriate one for this type of meeting as there isn’t a tight deadline for Simon to meet, therefore he had time on gathering all these organisations under one meeting, which can have a huge impact on this initiative.