In her article

In her article, Dawes sets the stage by describing televised advertisements of unhealthy food implicating in a child’s eating habits. As she states “Television advertising of unhealthy food to children illustrates the certain wider theme that comprises the idea that the childhood obesity epidemic…”(Dawes 176). Laura’s statement holds much truth as marketing in food companies advertises are likely to lead individuals into temptation. Regardless of the advertisements, some parents expose children to poor eating habits and the reality among what they are consuming. Families are eating unhealthy meals out of the home; indulgent parents are giving too many sweets and car rides to school in the result of failing to notice their child is beyond chubby. Furthermore, the government’s role is also a failure in globalized corporate capitalism because of the many factors that contribute to the audience. For instance, “the epidemic comes at the end of a century in which healthy living has become entrenched in American culture as an ideal and is considered a reflection of personal striving and achievement”( Dawes 174), Government junk-food advertisers including manufacturers are influencing children to eat unhealthy foods and beverages in order to gain more profit to their company.