Imagine a day without electricity

Imagine a day without electricity. No Television, no mobile, no internet, no AC’s. No, we are talking about the days when there was no electricity. However, now we are harnessing the coal to meet our daily demands, we are well aware that we will run out of the resources sooner than we think.
In this project, we will simply illustrate the how the energy can be tapped and used at a common system i.e. speed breakers. A large amount of heat is dissipated in the form of heat and friction when a vehicle passes through the speed breakers. Now, there is a huge scope in tapping energy and making speed breakers as a power generating unit. In this project, we will simply show one can generate energy from a busy traffic.
Conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy is a widely known concept. It’s a simple project in which when the vehicle passes over it the kinetic energy produced by it will be converted into the mechanical energy and then it will be converted into electrical energy and saved by using a battery. We have used this simple logic to demonstrate our project and help nation in fulfilling their energy demands.
The increasing demand for electricity and limited supply of fuel calls for the need of alternative sources of energy. Through this project, we display a method to light up the street lights and suburbs close to highways by extracting the impulse energy on the speed bumps by the automobiles.