If I could I would build a boarding school for children who are living in extreme poverty

If I could I would build a boarding school for children who are living in extreme poverty. The reason why I want to create this organization is because I was growing up in poverty through my childhood life, and I understand how it feel to overcome traumatic experiences. My Dad and my mom have a primary school education, so it is hard to find a good paying jobs for them. My Dad work at construction site, he came home every night with back full of pain, his armed exhausted from lifting board into place under the hot Burma sun. My mom work at clothing store, she came home exhausting from standing all ten hours shifts, cleaning out a fitting room, pick up items to ringing up where it supposed to be. Even though they are tired they have to work every day be able to stable financially. Seeing them having a hard time, I really want to help but as a kid I can’t do anything. Fighting day to day for us to be in school, they do not have time to take care of me and my sibling. They are working all day to support us. Most often, we have a hard time to buy a text books when the school is start, we usually get to use used text books. We don’t have a bike or any transportation to go to school. We have to wake up early in the morning and send my younger brother to my grandmother house and walk to school for about thirty-five minutes.
In our country the school is all about money, we have to have our own school supplies and lunch. If we don’t attend morning or after school program, we are most likely to fail. we don’t get to attend after school program because it is expensive, and my parent can’t afford for three of our sibling. We must study hard at home to pass the classes. It is depressing no one is able to help me with my school work. I can tell exactly how many time my parents were able to help me with my school work. The children like us and the children worse than us who didn’t get a chance to go to local school, live in a small log cabin with one or two families are still struggling to find the way to get help for their kid education. So, I want to create my organization in home country of Burma.
My organization would help the children basic need; education, child survival, and shelter. I believe that getting help with homework, having someone to guide you through to your dream and even a small place to live can make a big difference for kids in poverty. I know that I will not be able to provide everything from my own, thus I will be a partnership with non-profit organization like UNICEF and MCF are dedicated to helping the children of Burma. My organization would support the children who are struggling to survival for their meals, housing, and education. Primarily, we would be more focus on maintain a better education for poor children to get a bright future in their life. We will offer after school, weekend, and living on campus. Throughout our program, we will support them to grow academically and socially. There will be many educated mentors and teachers for children to guide through to the right path, help them with their homework, tutoring them and help them to improve their social skill. Personally, I want to spend my own time to be there for the children to give a knowledge and help them change lives through education. I want to motivate the children to see that they can, have a dream and make it accomplish for their future even though their parent can’t afford for their needed. I want the children to see that they don’t have to wait for someone to give their needed, they can come through our organization and be a part of our family. Through my organization, we will improve the quality of life and ensuring the children to have access to education and safe, happier and healthier in their future. Assist them to create a hope, believe, and achieve. The children in my organization will be eager to make their dream come true and get an opportunity to have a meaningful life. We will provide a safe place through our organization; a care team and a path out of poverty so they can grow up healthy, educated, empowered, and employed for their future.