I would love to study this chosen subject because for me personally I believe

I would love to study this chosen subject because for me personally I believe, that it’s a new and existing subject that’s always moving rapidly, this specific course is a major issue and factor in today’s world and I would love to be part of that. I am very keen to learn about science overall and to be involved in the latest advances in medical research, In addition I find this subject to be very rewarding, challenging and very inspiring. As an individual I am not easily put off by limitations, and believe fully that once you really set your mind and heart to something you can really make a difference. I am reliable, self-motivated and a trust worthy person, who is able to work methodically, efficiently and accurately, also I am able to learn new things very quickly and comprehend. I also consider myself to be an excellent communicator, who is able to identify, organise, select and communicate information precisely.
I have completed a lot of work experience. I was a volunteer in a care home where I helped the elderly with their exercise lessons and personal hygiene. In addition I worked with the talented ones providing advice and practice in drawing and singing as believe it or not the elderly loved to sing a draw. Assisting the psychologist who worked with those people, I was able to appreciate the importance of good health to human development and everyday life. The experience made me realize how much I would like to care for people and that I would like to embrace the opportunity to study Biomedical Science, with an emphasis on human immunity and life processes. Biomedical Science is a great course which will give me a good grounding in both practice and theory. Studying Biomedical Sciences at University, not only will enhance my understanding, but provides me a career path.

I realise that there will be many challenges on the way, but I feel I have the resilience and confidence to self-motivate myself to fight and succeed, and become a valuable member of the profession I truly aspire to be. I am applying for a degree course at this university as they provide excellent opportunities not only to gain professional qualifications of the highest standard, but also to live and work in a multicultural environment. I look forward to the opportunity to become part of a university community that would mould me in the best way possible so that I emerge fit and able to help others using health care. I am confident I would be able to work well with others work hard to contribute to a university that chooses me.

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Assisting charitable causes is a passion of mine and raising £480 for papworth was a particular highlight of mine as I do remember how hard and how much time it had taken to persuade people to buy our cakes. Looking back to when I was studying GCSE’s I remember fondly my science classes and recall my enthusiasm to participate and absorb the knowledge being taught by my teachers. Studying Biomedical Sciences would teach me a vast array of different topics like Anatomy, Cellular Biology and Pharmacology which would give me a further understanding on the functions of life. The idea of being in an environment where people aren’t afraid to ask questions and find the answers for themselves is tremendously appealing to me.

I am really looking forward to beginning my undergraduate degree not just because it’s a stepping stone for a research career but because I love to learn. Studying the sciences in my spare time has pushed me beyond my known boundaries and has taught me to think logically and sequentially when approaching problems.


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