I give importance to enjoying small things in my life

I give importance to enjoying small things in my life. Mostly we complain that big things didn’t turn out our way, but actual problem is that we would have not enjoyed small things wanting to achieve something big. When we fail in that, we complain on failing in that big thing – rather than seeing that failure is also a lesson.

This is because, nobody would ever listen to us when we talk about small things, small happiness. Everybody wants to talk about big achievements, listen to what big you have done. So, we invest our time, money and energy only on big ones, and overlook small things/happiness in life!

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To me, I always plan for big ones, do my best, just accept the result as it comes. Even if I am worried about bad result for some time, I ask myself if anything can be done about it. If no, no point in crying, keep thinking about it – which means we are wasting some time which can be used to do something new and better! But, take time to enjoy small things in life, if you don’t care about your small wishes, nobody else will!