I am writing to apply for the above mentioned post at your institution

I am writing to apply for the above mentioned post at your institution. I am a professional with a Master’s of Science and Mathematics Education, Bachelor of Science Education and Diploma in education and Executive Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation and have more 10 years of experience working in Education research and Non-Governmental Organisation settings.
In my current role am Social research Manager and work with government, private sector and non-governmental organisation in the areas of research, project management and monitoring and evaluation. I am organized detail oriented and have excellent project management skills. In addition I hold supervisory experience and strong leadership skills. My academic and professional backgrounds have given me a host of knowledge regarding the fundamentals of administration. I have been praised in the past for my diplomacy in handling stressful and delicate administration situations as well as for being able to take on multiple obligations with ease.


I'm Mila

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