Humans are sophisticated creatures

Humans are sophisticated creatures. We use intricate language to communicate with each other. Not like other beings, we have a specific gene called FOXP2, forkhead box protein P2, that allow us to be able to use different languages to communicate. Humans are social creatures. This means that we cannot live without each other and communication plays a significant role in our lives. Since we have evolved from hunter gatherers to settled societies, communication is really important for us to survive and since then we became better and better at using different methods to express our thoughts. We have come along way from that time. Now in our modern society, it is one of the most important traits that everybody should have. Just like how the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” portrays the up and coming of Chris Gardner as played by Will Smith. We can see that being able to communicate with other is really important. Therefore, having good communication skills can turn your life around just like how it changed Chris Gardner’s life in the movie. According to the movie, this essay will illustrate the analysis of Chris’s interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, and listening skills.

First and foremost, Chris Gardner is a salesman who sells the bone density scanners to hospitals to sustain his family. As a salesman, it is obviously to tell that Chris requires to be a good communicator in order to convince and persuade his potential clients to buy his scanners.

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