15 Ways to Reduce Heating Cost
We all want to be comfortable and warm in winter, and keeping our house toast shouldn’t break the bank.
Here are 15 smart tips how to enjoy the heat and save:
1. Add layers
Don’t expect to wear short sleeves and save. You should dress for cold weather in winter. We are talking about a sweater and slippers on your feet. Jackets and hats are not needed. Enjoy tea and keep moving.
2. Decorate for winter
Invite coziness with decoration – add flannel sheets and cute throws on your bed and sofa, rugs on the floor, and insulated curtains on the windows. All the accessories will make your house cozy and will keep some money in your pocket.
3. Sun heating
Open the curtains and shutters on your windows during the day and close them up at night to prevent the heat from escaping.
4. Reduce kitchen and bathroom fan usage
If you can help it, don’t use those fans as often. Yes, they suck out the bad smells, but they will also suck out warm air.
5. Change your filters
When your filter becomes dirty, the furnace has to work extra hard to get that hot air circulating. Changing filters about once a month will keep the bill low.
6. Ceiling fans
Reverse your ceiling fan for winter to bring that rising hot air down, especially when you have high ceiling.
7. Reduce the thermostat
When you leave the house or when you sleep, your house can be kept a few degrees cooler. You won’t feel any discomfort, but your bill will be lower. Programmable thermostat is great to regulate the temperature for you.
8. Conduct an energy audit
Call a professional company and invite a specialist to do an energy audit for your home. Many utility companies offer such audits free or almost free, so take advantage. You will be surprised how much you can save if you will improve the efficiency of your home systems.
9. Insulate
The Department of Energy has a tool that tells you how much insulation our home needs based on your zip code. It’s that simple. Then insulate, and insulate some more.
10. Check your vents
Make sure that nothing blocks your vents. Move all furniture and other obstacles away from them – you should get all the heat that you are paying for.
11. Fireplace
Keep the damper of all the fireplaces closed when not using. This is very serious. A huge amount of warm air can escape through your chimney.
12. Maintain your furnace
Make sure you have your furnace and pump checked out and serviced regularly. A specialist should examine the system once a year to keep the performance at the top. This small expense will lead to big savings.
13. Duct care
Ducts can often be a major source of heat loss, so wrap them up and do that often.
14. Replace old units
This might be painful, but look at it as a long-term investment and break up with your old inefficient unit after it serves you for many years.
15. Negotiate and shop around
If you feel like your utilities company is taking advantage of you, give them a call, negotiate down the rate or shop around. If you live in the deregulated state, you have many options, so don’t feel stuck.