How the Nile River helped Ancient Egypt By Rushil Shah The NIle river was a major part in how the people of Ancient Egypt made their fortune and how they survived

How the Nile River helped Ancient Egypt
By Rushil Shah

The NIle river was a major part in how the people of Ancient Egypt made their fortune and how they survived. The famous Greek historian Herodotus wrote that “Egypt … is, so to speak, the gift of the NIle.” The people of Ancient Egypt thought of the NIle River as a god. Though the NIle River is 4160 miles long only about 500 miles are in Egypt. The source of the NIle was a mystery to ancient Egyptians, but now we that one branch, called the blue Nile begins in Lake Tana and flows throughout ancient Egypt. The Nile river was used in many ways such as providing crops for the people and the river helped people trade goods, and the river was so important that it kept temples and the Egyptians in festive.

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To begin with, the Nile river provided crops to be sold and eaten. In the background essay the text states that ” Their main crops were barley and emmer wheat for making bread and beer. People paid their taxes in wheat, and wheat was a main export.” The NIle was very important because it was the flooding cycle that determined the planting season for farmers. If the flooding cycle went well and the Nile provided as much water as needed crops would flourish, if the Nile gave too much water or to less water the green leafy color would fade away and the plant would eventually die. Also in Document E the text claims, ” Hail to you, oh Nile,… who produces barley and makes wheat grow, that the temples might be in festival. In other words if the harvest is good everyone throughout Egypt is jubilant or happy. Crops and good harvests were appreciated because then more religious ceremonies will occur worshipping the god of the Nile, Hapi, people will be able to pay their taxes, and will be able to eat food.

In addition, the Nile River helped Ancient Egypt because it helped merchants trade goods. In Document C the picture shows tugboats and large ships carrying vessels and barrels filled with objects to sell. The people of Ancient Egypt benefited because there were many deserts and oceans, the Nile river flowed through many areas and locations allowing everyone to get resources that they needed. Too add on the Nile River is 4160 miles long of which 600 miles is in Egypt, to walk and make that big of a journey to trade resources would be a long and tiring trip. To me the Nile wasn’t just life it was the circle of life. This is how the Nile made trading easier for the merchants.

Lastly, in Doc E the text says,” that the temples might be in festival,… If he rises the land is in exaltation, and everyone is in joy. This article is a hymn worshipping the river NIle, A hymn is a religious song in praise of a god. This was important to Egypt because if everyone was happy then they would do their job to their best. Not to mention, they would even be able to celebrate a festival with pure joy. Also in Doc. B the text shows a chart with the three different seasons Akhet, Peret, and Shemu. These seasons were important because farmers depended on the seasons for there harvest and these seasons were worshipped like a god. This shows that the seasons and the Nile affected the Egyptian society in many good ways.

In conclusion the Nile River was very important. The Nile was important because it helped crops grow, made merchants travel and trade goods faster, and kept the temples and people of Egypt in exultation. The reasons mentioned in the paragraphs were crucial in a person’s everyday life in Ancient Egypt.