Harrmaila Mesfin 9/6/18 ENGL 101 Argument Essay Rough Draft ` How would you feel if your body ate away the cells that make up your very being

Harrmaila Mesfin
ENGL 101
Argument Essay Rough Draft
` How would you feel if your body ate away the cells that make up your very being? What would you do if you were so frail and sickly that you could not even embrace your loved one in your arms? How would you feel if you could not think clearly because the agony of your hunger was too much to enture? The results of starvation are a series of terrifying events that can ultimately lead to death. When one consumes food, the body gains essential nutrients to maintain and repair cells. To do this job, the body requires energy which the metabolism of the food provides. If we consume more food than we require at that time, our efficient bodies store the remainder as adipose tissue or fat. This fat saves the potential energy in times where we are experiencing a shortage of good. When this occurs, our bodies will convert the fat into a form of energy that can be used when our diet is not enough to sustain us. However, if our bodies are impoverished of food for too long the fat our bodies store will be exhausted and our bodies will start to use our muscles as an alternate energy source. Once our muscles have been wasted away the organs begin to become affected. Clearly, starving to death is an agonizing and traumatizing experience. Which is why it is very concerning considering the fact that there are billions of people who are malnourished all throughout the world. With 7.4 billion people on the planet and the Earth producing more than enough food for this amount of people, world hunger should not be an issue; it should be a simple thing to solve. Yet world hunger has been a issue throughout the ages. There are many countries on the globe plagued by hunger such as Yemen, Kenya, Liberia, and Ethiopia. As an Ethiopian myself, who has visited Ethiopia and seen starving children in the outskirts of the city in person, I believe that world hunger is an issue that needs an urgent solution.
According to the United Nations bulletin, the “Eradication of Poverty” there are 1.2 billion people in the world living on less than a dollar a day. 24,000 people die each day from starving to death, and about 16,00 of them are under the age of five. It is terrible to know that such a great number of people are living in such an extreme state of poverty. A report from the World Health Organization (WHO) says, “Lack of proper nutrition stunts the physical and mental development of about 171 million children worldwide. Malnutrition is also a major contributing factor in more than one-third of child deaths” (WHO, Facts on Nutrition). Despite the fact that the organization had aimed to decrease diminish the hunger crisis in half by the year 2015, there are still more than one billion starving people on the globe; this number can be compared to the total population of both Europe and north America.
Hunger is caused by many circumstances such as natural disasters, the poverty trap, bad governance, poor agricultural foundations, unstable markets, and over-exploiting the environment. If people don’t have the financials means to purchase food, then they simply will not eat enough; often foraging for food or dumpster diving just so that their loved ones can eat. A lack of money is usually caused by unemployment. Countries that are impoverished and not very developed economically have people who are finding it difficult to acquire jobs due to the lack of an education or the lack of jobs being available. Keeping this in mind, many families are left with the hard decision of what to spend their money on, such as paying for medical treatment for a loved one who is ill versus paying for food so that the rest of the family can survive. People living in poverty are unable to afford nourishing food for themselves not their families. The lack of food causes them to become weaker both mentally and physically, so that they are unable to earn enough money that would aid them in escaping their hunger and poverty. Their children will also be malnourished and will likely grow up to be adults who do not earn enough income. Thus, they are trapped in a life of hunger and poverty; the poor starve, and their starvation condemns them in poverty.
Luckily, there are solutions to solve this issue of world hunger. First agricultural productivity should be increased in the countries that are affected by hunger. Hunger causes low productivity because it makes one weak and less able to do work. Hunger also damages people’s mental and physical development, hindering child growth, and decreasing cognitive ability. The damage is long term because it affects offspring and future generations. The most efficient way to solve this issue would be by assisting food for those who need it and dave millions of lives. Luckily, there are a multitude of programs and organisations who are committed to working on a solution for this situation. These organizations provide support and relief for the hungry. Another possible solution would be to encourage agriculture. I believe that increasing the agriculture in countries affected by poverty is important because it the hungry will be able to grow their own food and rely less on organizations and programs. Developed countries should be sharing their agricultural techniques and technology so they can assist poorer countries in creating this technology for themselves.
Everyone knows the feeling of hunger, the feeling of their stomach grumbling as it tells us it is time for the next meal. But many people need to wake up and realize that for some, that feelings in their stomach does not go away; their hunger is never-ending and painful. This is why every effort towards addressing the hunger crisis around the world is important. Whether one sends money to humanitarian organizations or sponsors a child, world hunger is a problem that can be solved.


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