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Hala Tamer
Mr. Samy Selim
June 3, 2018

Racism is when you think of a certain race as superior to another.Racial separation is the belief that all different races should be separated from one another, as they should be treated unequally. It also can be referred to as the segregation of people according to their skin color, language, religion ,or place of birth. It has caused many global problems in the past such as the Holocaust in Germany. Racism has been present throughout human history and sadly it still exists in our daily lives. Although it still exists there are people who are standing against it.
Racism comes in many different ways and can usually happen in a lot of places. It includes the discrimination or the hatred of somebody because of their basic nature characteristics. Racism is a big deal and it shouldn’t be ignored, as it can lead to depression and anxiety. This can be seen in the study conducted by McCaughey VicHealth Center for Community Wellbeing at the University of Melbourne in Australia, which says that “Researchers reported that children and young adults who deal with racism might be at a greater risk of developing depression and anxiety issues” (Cheng 2013).
Due to recent racism events in job markets, we need to start focusing on how racism is still present and how we can get rid of it. People of different races are being discriminated against in more obvious ways. These examples can be seen in job markets all around the world. According to the Huffington Post , there was a man named José Zamora who had difficulties getting feedback or responses from job interviews up until he started changing his name to Joe Zamora to make it sound more “white”. After doing that he started getting a lot of responses. Basically people who have names that sound anything but white are most likely to have a hard time being accepted into a job.This is a form of racism in our lives and we need to stop it.
Racism is also common in the music industry. During the announcement of the VMA 2015 nominations almost each and everyone knew the results.Taylor swift would be winning several awards and as for Ed Sheeran who would be piling up two or three nominations for himself. One big eye opener on racism happened because of Nicki Minaj who’s video for Anaconda “broke the Vevo record for the various views it had reached in only 24 hours”,but despite the video’s amazing impact, it did not win best music video of the year category” (Claire, 2015).. Even Beyonce and Nicki’s collaboration didn’t even make it .Standing against racism can be seen when Nicki Minaj said “If I was a different “kind” of artist, Anaconda would be nominated for best choreo and vid of the year as well…If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year”(Nicki Minaj, 2015). This shows that no matter how hard people will try to attain jobs or win rewards for their work racism will always have an effect on the people with different races as this kind of act of racism should be dealt with at court.
Racism is also present in sports. Sports grab people’s attention from all various races and provides people with having cultural bridges built upon shared interests.The William sisters have been affected by racism since their childhood when other white opponents parents would talk low about them and destroy their image in front of people because they were black which made their father Richard William withdraw them from the competition.That example of racism can lead to breaking down player’s self esteem which may cause them to retire form the sport they play ,which will leave us with no good altheltes.
On the other hand, some people believe that there is no such thing as peace and equality, and that we must accept that racism is something natural as if its a characteristics that people are born with.There are millions of races and we can never live in that imaginary utopian anti racism world. They believe that there will always be problems between different races and no one will ever get along. We should just accept that this is how life works. One person who was racist is Hitler. He did not believe in peace and equality thats why he killed all the Jewish people in the holocaust , and thats another form of racism.
Racism comes in many different forms. It has been present for a long time and it has not been dealt with. However people are trying to find solutions to cure or wipe out the thought of racism in the heads of one another. Others fight against the people who want racism to end and they say that we should deal with it and take it in as part of our life ,and that we will never have that peaceful world. There will always be problems between races in jobs, schools, sports, music industries and many more places. However, we should all fight to stop it.??Citation:

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The Truth About Racism In The Music Industry