Good day

Good day. My name is Annette Beatrice Sulim and I have just recently completed my high school studies at Kristen Yusuf School located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Upon graduating high school, I would like to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at National Taiwan University, majoring in Agriculture Economics. National Taiwan University is undoubtedly one of the finest universities one could find, not only in Taiwan, but also globally. I would be very lucky to be have this chance of studying in one of the world’s leading university that offers the exact program I have been looking for. Not to forget that studying abroad has always been a dream of mine as I believe it will be a challenging experience that can nurture myself to be a better individual.
Observing today’s era of globalization, I think it is safe to say that the future of business is about reaching out in a global scale. A business without any international exposure and audience will not be able to compete in this highly competitive industry. Correspondingly, it is crucial to establish an innovative business plan in order to survive the international competition. One should also be ready to always come up with new creative strategies to evolve and improve the business as to be one step ahead of other competitors. For these reasons, I am personally certain that the Agriculture Economics major holds a promising future.
My school is actually well-known for its excellence in accounting subject and I have been studying accounting since my very first year of junior high school up to the end of my senior years, despite being in the science class. As I thoroughly enjoyed the subject, I have always performed to satisfaction during every respective study period. In the 10th grade, the entrepreneurship subject, which covers everything from how to develop a good business plan to actually marketing the product, was added to my curriculum. I personally found the subject fascinating and thus the starting point which affected me to deepen my knowledge of business studies. I am sure these two particular subjects have created a good foundation for me to enter the Agriculture Economics major.
Through the National Taiwan University’s Agriculture Economics program, I hope to broaden my knowledge, gain conceptual understandings and develop skills essential to this particular field. I will achieve this by focusing on the department core courses such as International economic and trading policy, finance, marketing and management, and business strategy. I too wish to have some internship opportunities as to gain hands-on experiences relevant to both the agriculture and economic industry. In my fourth year of study, I plan to choose International Financial Risk Management as one of my elective courses, as I am aware of the importance of being able to evaluate and manage the risk of a decision regarding to the financial needs, for the decision could have serious consequences affecting the company’s survival.
Since I am aware that there are some vital skills that cannot be obtained only by attending classes daily, I hope to be part of the student association, community services and participate in other extracurricular activities due to the fact that social skills are equally necessary for one to have a successful career.
After graduating from university, I plan to have a few years of working experiences as to gather an even more extensive insight and implementation of the business industry, before pursuing a post graduate study. Then, I would like to start working on my main life goal, which is building my own international enterprise that can provide a large number of job opportunities that can contribute to my home country and the society of the world.
I am fully aware that you have received heaps of application, your consideration is absolutely appreciated and I would be honored to be admitted as a student. I will put all my efforts and do my best should I be given the chance to be part of the highly prestigious National Taiwan University.