Generally, in most of the cars, conventional friction brakes are used to stop or control the speed of cars while it is in motion. During the running condition, the car having lots of kinetic energy, when the brake is applied, this kinetic energy is losses by heat energy due to the friction between the brake shoe and brake plate. Thus this extra power loss reduces the overall efficiency of the vehicle. This type of heat losses of energy can be limit by use of regenerative breaking system known as RBS.

Generally, the main objective of regenerative breaking system is to recover as much as possible torque while brakes are being applied. The kinetic energy of vehicle can be stored in another form of energy. In regenerative braking system, energy can be converted by means of generator, dynamometer, alternator, pump, compressor or flywheel or in other storage devices.

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Now a day the regenerative breaking system is applied to many hybrid vehicles. But due to the complexity of design it can be applied to limited cars only. In this case, by using alternator or dynamo, the kinetic energy of the wheel, can be converted into the electric energy which is wasted while applying brakes.