Freedom of Speech Primary Source Paper Leia Nickole Barnette The University of Rio Grande Abstract Today I’m going to be talking about why the freedom of speech is the most important right to me

Freedom of Speech
Primary Source Paper
Leia Nickole Barnette
The University of Rio Grande
Today I’m going to be talking about why the freedom of speech is the most important right to me. What would the world be if we didn’t have freedom of speech? It would be very boring, I think. The freedom of speech allows us to say what we have an opinion on in the United States of America. Having the freedom to write how we feel or make laws on issues that we have in the United States. We get the right to speak out and speak up about issues in cities, classes, or even at work. It’s our right and it’s the most important to me. The freedoms of speech allow us to speak our opinion. I am going to show you how it is good and bad as well.

Freedom of Speech
What is Freedom of Speech?
According to it states that among other cherished values, the First Amendment protects freedom of speech. The U.S. Supreme Court often has struggled to determine what exactly constitutes protected speech. The following are examples of speech, both direct (words) and symbolic (actions), that the Court has decided are either entitled to First Amendment protections. The freedom of speech also gives us the right not to speak. The right to salute a flag.

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It also allows us to use offensive words such as cussing or just being a jerk in general.
The Freedom of Speech allows us to say if we want to contribute money to an organization or not. It also allows us to advertise sad commercials about homeless dogs or let’s say political campaigns. Therefore, the Freedom of Speech also gives us the right to stand up at debate and speak our minds. For example, say there is a rally at school about school uniforms you could stand up and say something about it. You get the right to peacefully protest. You get to give your opinion to the crowd. Just if you do it safely and not do anything dumb.
Freedom of speech does not include the right to cause harm to others with words such as screaming fire in a crowded theater. Also, does not want students to print articles on a school newspaper over anything that has to do with the school’s administration. Therefore, it also does not advocate students to use illegal drugs at school sponsored events. The Freedom of Speech has a lot of dos and don’ts in it. Just to keep you and I safe in The United States of America.
Why do We Need Freedom of Speech?
According to speech is necessary for learning, interacting with others and for people to develop. Speech begins at an early age and it develops as a person age. There are different aspects that each role in speech play in our lives. Some words people use that speak fast or slow is an example. Like some people could have a speech impediment and have trouble with words. But we still accept them and help them learn the Right way to speak. I remember back in grade school I had trouble with some of my speech and I had to take speech class. It wasn’t as cool as the one I took in college though.

Also, the tone of one’s voice can show how someone gets the message or idea someone is talking about. They can also use nonverbal functions to show speech and that also includes eye contact and hand gestures. A person’s body language could show speech as well like sign language. I know some sign language thanks to my baby sitter when I was a kid. She was partly deaf. Blind people have their own kind of speech as well. The have brille its little dots they can feel to read.

We also need freedom of speech to talk about how we feel about our government. We have the right to vote so that’s another way we use our voice in the system. Say we don’t like an issue on the ballot we can try to change it with our vote. I consider this a bigger factor because we just had elections. I think its pretty sad another candidate running for commissioner can use his freedom of speech to slander the other one’s name because he changed it a couple years ago. It totally causes a huge debate in our small town and on social media. The candidate who changed his name had so many hate comments about his race and his name change. I think it was cruel to treat someone like that.
Benefits of Freedom of Speech
Freedom of speech is defiantly a fundamental in civil liberties. The freedom of speech also manifolds, and it gives U.S citizens the liberty to pass. It even adds judgment on government and even to for unusual ideas that might the offensive to other people. It also regulates the federal government as well. It helps make laws and helps what should pass and what shouldn’t. Freedom of speech is a big deal in our government.
Freedom of speech also gives an individual the right to share responsibility also helps advocate for offenses such as terrorism, racism, and sexism. It helps citizens develop self confidence in themselves. It helps them be able to express themselves as well. It also helps citizen not be afraid of fear of punishment of what they have to say. It gives them rules for what they must fight for in life.
According to freedom of speech not only protects the right to information and expression in war like situations, but also defends the rights of the non-religious individuals within the society. There is no uncertainty about the numerous benefits of freedom of speech, but with it comes the unfavorable situations that are disadvantageous to the evolution of the human society. Freedom of speech also benefits us to write what we want in newspapers. If it doesn’t offend anyone. There are some rules in freedom of speech but its totally understandable. Say we want to write a news article about love that is allowed. We just cannot write about our school board members in a negative way. We can get fined for some of our freedom of speech if its bad enough like Donald Trump did for a tweet like you said in class. How do I Express my Freedom of Speech?
I express my freedom of speech every day. Probably more than one person should. I use social media every day to post how I feel or just to share ever day life intakes. Facebook is one of the biggest ways to express our freedom of speech in the universe. Also, we have Twitter that our president uses a lot and he’s the first one I ever followed to see what he had to say about others. I also have a blog that I write how I feel, and so others can use my wisdom or thoughts to help them in their everyday lives. I really do believe freedom of speech is the most important amendment.
Some other ways I express my freedom of speech is how I write my papers in school. I try to use a lot of real-life experiences in my papers to show my voice and character. I think everyone has there on voice when it comes to writing. Your voice is meant to be heard so we should always use it to express ourselves. Say you’re writing a paper on gender equality its your choice to pick how you want to share it with your classmates. Its your style of writing that shows your freedom of speech.
Therefore, I really use my freedom of speech when I decide to call someone, email them, or even text them as well. The government cannot tell me I can’t pick up my phone and call and order pizza for myself and my significant other. They also cannot tell me I can’t email my teacher to talk about a class topic. Its my right to be able to express my freedom of speech. In other words, the government also cannot tell me I can’t send text to sixty some people in one day to talk about church events coming up. I use my freedom of speech daily. You do as well so we should use it more and more when it comes to sticking up for ourselves or anything really. Its our right that was giving to us.
In conclusion I have learned so much about the freedom of speech I didn’t even know that we could and couldn’t do. I really enjoyed writing this paper even if I got started early and ended up changing how I was going to write the paper. I hope you enjoyed my paper as well especially how I used my voice to express my freedom of speech. I loved learning how Donald Trump in your class uses Twitter to talk about others. I also liked how students can stand up at rallies and speak their peace. I would also like to include that I love as students we had to take a speech class to learn how to speak in public. It should us that we could express our freedom of speech in the world.
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