For the technological environment of Samsung

For the technological environment of Samsung, it is shown that the company maintains a consistent market share of mobile phones, moving from a market share of 19.8% in 2009 to 21.2% in 2011, which means it’s the growth of the profit. The fact is that technological environmental development that supports the use of these type of mobile devices are the result of most people using the smart phones and other devices. The smart phones are the ones that use network infrastructure for data and voice transfer, and most parts of many countries have well-developed cellular network infrastructure, meaning it ensures that people in those places are able to communicate and take advantage of data and voice transfer efficiently without any delays. Also, Samsung works to make advances in their phones and other devices and keep everything up to date and be the first one to release it to the market. Thus, higher technological advances are made, the more Samsung maintains to innovate and develop phones and devices which keeps Samsung a leading company.
When the companies are keeping up with profitable and advanced business, other companies compete, and in this case, the well-known companies like Apple, L.G. and Sony are competitive to the Samsung. Recently, because Samsung was being dominitor by offering latest products to the market, and was staying ahead of the technological and innovative curve, the legal and regulatory scrutiny came around the company when Apple accused it of imitation of product design. Therefore, it’s very competitive for the companies to stay on the top and be the dominator because there’s always other companies that are trying to be better in innovation and technological advances and huge number of profits.
Samsung is a South Korean Company, it is a family-owned multinational. As the world is multicultural and bilingual, the company tries it best to stay updated and adapt to the rapid changes and make devices available to every parts of the world in different form of languages and preferences support. They take their consumers’ feedbacks and tries to make updates and innovate it according to their lifestyle preferences yet holding the Korean company aspects from within. For this reason, global company Samsung is emerging in many local markets of different parts of the world. Furthermore, the Samsung is getting ready for the expansion in many countries, but the difficulties are introduced as the extreme technological companies are seriously being competitive yet Samsung is trying it’s best to stay being the leading company in social and cultural environment. Socio-cultural factors differ from country to country so Samsung turns itself accordingly to the market niche that best fits.
Globally, the Samsung Electronics are inspiring the world to shape the future with innovative ideas and technologies advancements that is allowing each individual to have ability to conquer their world with the power that is beyond the human mind. Thanks to Samsung, a major global company, which is constantly focusing on innovation and discovery, and it is inventing and developing ways to have redefine the world with smartphones, wearable devices, TVs, computers and other advanced technological devices. The Samsung company is committed to produce groundbreaking innovations for the human daily life around the globe.