Ferdinand Marcos was chosen president in 1965 and was re-chosen in 1969

Ferdinand Marcos was chosen president in 1965 and was re-chosen in 1969, the principal president to be so re-chose. Envious of staying in power past his lawful residency, he pronounced military law in 1972, just before the finish of his second and last term, refering to a developing socialist uprising as its avocation. He at that point controlled a progressing Established Tradition and caused the drafting of another constitution – the 1973 Constitution – which enabled him to manage by pronouncement until 1978 when the presidential arrangement of the 1935 Constitution was supplanted with a parliamentary one. Under this new framework, Marcos clutched power and kept on overseeing by declaration, stifling fair organizations and confining common opportunities. In 1981, military law was authoritatively lifted, yet Marcos kept on decision by the convenient of being “re-chosen” in a sham of a race to another 6-year term. He kept on smothering difference and a large number of vocal dissenters to his control either strangely vanished or were imprisoned. In spite of financial decrease, defilement permitted Marcos and his significant other Imelda to live excessively, causing disdain locally and feedback universally.


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