Ever wondered what life would be like without social media

Ever wondered what life would be like without social media? The world has began to realize how social media as bought inevitable changes in everyone’s lives , especially the teenagers who are known to be the happy users of social media, while there are both positive and negative effects on the youth, some studies prove that social media results in social isolation, subsequently leading to emotional, phycological, physical and mental health problems. Social media now also badly affects the self-esteem and also create a platform for cyberbullying.

Gone are the days when we were looking forward to hangouts or going to school to meet our friends as social media has taken over real-life communication through a screen.

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Lack of real personal interaction with their friends is now a leading cause of feeling isolated. Teens nowadays think they got all they need with an illusion deceiving them by their reassurance of virtual friends. A study by Carnegie Mellon University found “that when people interacted directly with friends on facebook their contentment and feeling of happiness on facebook was passive, they reported feeling more isolated and unhappy” (activeB.com) (Debbie McGauran, September 16th, 2015)

Social media creates an inferiority complex in people. Teens speculate their friends are living a pleasant, fabulous and happy life, as they scroll down through their social media viewing various kinds of post that are being posted by their friends. They then start to compare, assume and question themselves about not having a ‘perfect life’. This subsequently leads to generating jealously among the people, and finally results in having a “Picture Perfect Life” competition with the other.

People who spread hate and negativity dramatically affects innocent lives. As many teenagers now claim that social media is not always a pleasant experience. It is very unfortunate that teenagers now harass often home they believe to be inferior to themselves. According to a report by natural taste, force changed which investigating internet safety, ” cyberbullying poses the biggest online threat for young people” (wattpad, )