e’s written play version

e’s written play version. Although, the Mel Gibson play version opted certain parts, phrases and scenes, it still managed to maintain and give viewers a pretty good interpretation and idea of what Shakespeare could have had in mind. If the whole play was to be recited and played as it was meant to by Shakespeare without omitting a word, the play would be close to four to five hours long; But the Mel Gibson version came out to be about two hours and a few minutes long therefore, most would say it is more straightforward compared to the actual text. Since some of the parts were taken away from the film if you take a close look Mel Gibson managed to move around certain parts and added a few little details that kind of gave the film its own twist from the text.
If we take a look at the setting, we realize that Mel Gibson based his setting on what the setting could have looked like at the time Shakespeare wrote the play. Mel uses a lot of old and traditional costumes for the characters. He shows the difference in the character wealth status based on the type of costume he used. In the film version we see that Mel Gibson uses the original English, and we realized that some of the phrases or words that could have possibly been too difficult to understand or too long in length were taken out.
In Act II Scene 1, the director made it so that Polonius could spy on Ophelia and Hamlet therefore witnessing Hamlet’s true madness. But in the original text version Act II Scene 1 Ophelia tells Polonius about Hamlet’s visit and madness. Some other modification included the famous to be or not to be speech. In the original text the speech is added a few paragraphs within Act III Scene 1 before Ophelia is seen talking with Hamlet. In the film version the speech is added towards the end of Act III Scene 1 after Hamlet and Ophelia talked.
I feel as though the change and alternation made in the film made the story more fast paced and to the point. It made us readers feel more connected and in tune with the characters and emotions. In a way it made me understand the story more and made it easier to engage in it.