Elderly fall in Healthcare Setting Student’s Name Institutional Affiliations Research Topic

Elderly fall in Healthcare Setting
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliations
Research Topic: Illnesses Associated with AgeingFor decades elderly have been vulnerable to age-associated diseases attracting a high frequency of them deteriorating in the healthcare setting. There are a number of age-associated illnesses which include Stroke, Hypertension, Cancer, Heart failure, Coronary artery diseases, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Therefore, an informed discussion on how to alleviate or rather reduce the effects of latter diseases should yield positive outcome from the research. For that reason, the research will seek to identify how can Nurses help and what they need to know about the diseases.

Problem Statement
Aging is associated with a number of Chronic Diseases for instance Cancer which is rarely cured hence increasing mortality rate among elderly. Apparently, ageing people frequently fall in Healthcare setting. It is evident because, from a medicinal viewpoint, almost all older persons can indeed make a diagnosis of having at least a single ailment.
Research Questions
To find out how Nurses can help reduce diseases associated with ageing.

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To identify what Nurses need to know about chronic disease associated with ageing.

To find out challenges faced by elderly associated with ageing illnesses
To find the reasons why elderly are vulnerable to chronic illnesses.

Significance of the Research topic to Nursing
The research topic is significant to Nursing because it influences the up-to-date and the future nursing practices rendering it an essential component in Nursing Research. Further, the research topic will help in dealing chronic diseases thus improving elderly’s health as well building a positive impact in Healthcare setting. Finally, it will encourage nursing faculty in not only introducing Nursing research into the curriculum but also making it a more integrated process.