Detoxing our bodies is killing our bodies Today when you think of detox

Detoxing our bodies is killing our bodies
Today when you think of detox, most will generally think of detox tea and detox wraps being sold on Facebook. Before the world of detox tea, detox was a procedure that removed harmful levels of drugs, alcohol and poison from the body. Now detox is a do it yourself home remedies to claims to remove toxins from the body. This isn’t a new subject for humans, as we have been trying to rid our bodies of toxins for hundreds of years now. Native Americans used saunas like rooms for rituals to promote cleansing of body and until the 20th century doctors gave patients enemas to remove toxic diseases. Today’s new interest in detoxing has become the new craze in the health-conscious community. The detox community is promoting products off a myth and claiming these products will make us healthier even though our bodies don’t need them.

A common myth today is that your body can excrete toxins through sweating. People sweat to regulate body temperature, not to remove toxic substances from the body. We have organs that naturally do that for us, our kidneys and liver. Naturally there is still some truth behind this myth, our sweat does contain trace amount of toxic substances. (Engelhaupt)
To put that in a better perspective, “the amount in sweat is 0.02 percent of what you ingest every day on a typical diet.” (Engelhaupt) This data still doesn’t stop the detox industry from trying to sell products or promoting infrared saunas, hot yoga, and towel soaking activities. The new big product right now is the infrared saunas, these use infrared lights instead of using hot coals. The Sauna Ray Chemical detox sold infrared saunas to fire departments calming that theses saunas would rid the body of the cancer-causing chemicals that they inhale from smoke. (McKay)
The best way to rid your body of these toxins, is to watch what you eat or drink out of containers that are made with heavy metals and BPA plastics, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. (Engelhaupt)

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Tea bags, face masks, shampoos, bath salts, juice fasts, and Colon cleanse. All of these products are being promoted as being able to remove toxins from the human body. The detox industry uses a vague description of the toxins when marketing these products, most people misunderstand the word toxin and buy the product. The scientific community looks at toxins in a different way, toxins enter the body but can’t leave the body naturally. They can be venom, poisons, and other disease-causing agents from plants and animals. (Weller) The detox industry say that toxins are harmful agents found in the environment. We come into contact with toxins in our everyday lives, BPA in plastic containers, Azodicarbonamide in Subway bread and yoga mats. (Weller)
Generally, most of us are still healthy after coming in to contact with these ‘toxins’ every day, toxins leave our bodies naturally everyday through our digestive system, kidneys, liver and other internal organs. You can still go to hot yoga or drink your juices but the mercury, BPA, and Azodicarbonamide will still be there after.

Our bodies have been removing toxins from our bodies for hundreds of years and has been evolving, making the system stronger. The body protects itself from environmental toxins with its respiratory system, liver, kidneys, and digest system. The respiratory system mainly removes toxins through carbon dioxide, it’s not used to remove solid material. The liver and kidneys both filter the blood, removing toxic substances and waste from cell breakdown. (Issels) The intestine absorbs nutrients from food, then pushes the waste to the large intestine for removal. “The large intestine is like a self-cleaning oven that has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.” (Issels) They internal organs prove that we don’t need to buy the detox tea from the store to make us heathier. We need to make better decisions on what we put in and, on our bodies, if we want to stay away from toxic materials.

The human body can defend itself against toxins as long as it has good diet choices, exercise, regular sleep pattern and regular medical checkups. The human bodies doesn’t need these type of products to help it, the body has the detox system mastered. The detox community is just tricking people into thinking toxins are they reason they feel bad, not the lifestyle choices they’re making. There is can be no alternate for healthy lifestyle choices, the detox products are just too good to be true.

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