Define psychology as a field

Define psychology as a field. Be sure to include the goals of psychology in your response.

Psychology is a very diverse field. Psychologist diagnose and treat people in specific areas. There are approximately eleven different areas of psychology. The most known area is Clinical psychology. This area studies, diagnose treat and prevent different types of behavioral and emotional disorders (H&H 15).

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The goals of psychology are to describe, to explain, to predict, and to change. Psychologist will have a better understanding of abnormal and normal behavior by describing what normal and abnormal behaviors are. Psychologist want to be able to explain why people do what they do. We van get a better understand of why things happen by predicting what cause those things to happen and what to expect in the future. The biggest goal in psychology is to change or influence to make lasting changes in someone’s life.
2 Explain psychoanalysis. Be sure to include the major theorist in your description.